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Apprenez aux côtés des plus grands experts internationaux ! Nos formations couvrent tous les sujets, du diagnostic et de la planification du traitement aux flux de travail chirurgicaux et prothétiques. Nous abordons également certains des protocoles les plus complexes et les plus avancés pour gérer de potentielles complications.


Octobre 2021

Restoring the Edentulous Arch with Boyd Doucett

Oct 21, 2021
Saskatoon, SK, CA
Boyd Doucett
During the course the attendees will gain knowledge in successfully treating the ever-growing edentulous population with the Nobel Biocare implant restorative system. The course is geared towards the following attendees to be able to provide their patients with the knowledge to determine if implant therapy is the right treatment plan for their needs and wants. The course will provide a broad perspective on what it takes on the restorative side to establish a solid treatment plan with a successful final prosthetic for the edentulous patient. LEARNING OBJECTIVES: - Gain proficiency in diagnosis and treatment planning within the edentulous patient - Minimize restorative issues with decision-making and execution - Understand the contra indications to determine whether fixed hybrid, bar retained, or locator attachments are suited for the patient - Understand the importance of AP (Anterior Posterior) spread in ALL-ON-X treatments - Review the restorative protocols for ALL-ON-X and Locator treatments - Understanding the importance of immediate loading ALL-ON-X cases versus a delayed approach - Treating and managing the edentulous patients concerns and expectations CMP-05186-H4V9R
Niveau avancé
Saskatoon Club

Nobel Biocare Canada: Ottawa Innovation Summit

Oct 29, 2021
Ottawa, ON, CA
Dr. Simon Gauthier
Dr. Janelle Hamilton
Dr. Jean El-Fata
Dr. Isabelle Quenneville
Dr. Eugenie Mackay
Dr. Claude Guimond

Topics include:

1. Bone and soft tissue grafting 101:

In this session, Drs.Quenneville and Hamilton will discuss:

· How to properly evaluate the hard and soft tissue of an edentulous site prior to implant therapy

· Osseous grafting techniques, as well as gingival grafting techniques, and determine whether they are required prior to, or at the time of implant therapy

2. Digital workflows, from treatment planning, to immediate placement to navigated surgery

In this session, Dr. Gauthier will discuss:

· How to connect treatments from beginning to end using a Digital workflow protocol

· How to gain efficiency through the complete virtual planning of a case

· Diagnosing the prosthetic and surgical essentials from a virtual standpoint

· Understanding the importance of immediate loading in the esthetic zone

· Using Guided or Navigated surgery? Where are we?  


3. Implant surface technology

Dr. Guimond will review:

· Why implant surfaces are critical in the osseointergration process

· Soft tissue intergration and why the process begins at abutment level

· Preserveation of the soft tissue attachment without compromising flexibility – The On1 Concept


4. Optimal treatment solutions for the edentulous patient with zygomatic implants and the All-on-4™ treatment concept”

Dr. El-Fata will discuss:

· Treatment options and planning for the severely atrophic maxilla
Bone reconstruction versus implant placement
Zygoma concept: evolution and technique with immediate loading
Managing complications
Clinical cases with different treatment options

7 credits
Niveau initial
Fairmont Château Laurier

Novembre 2021

Immediate full-arch rehabilitation utilizing the All-on-4® Treatment Concept: Vancouver

Vancouver, BC, CA
Dr Samer Abi Nader
Dr Nach Daniel
Edentulous patients and patients with failing dentition who want a fixed prosthetic rehabilitation are often faced with time-consuming, expensive, and uncomfortable bone grafting procedures. The perceived complexity of rehabilitation is a great obstacle to treatment acceptance for these patients and many dental clinicians as well. The All-on-4 treatment concept was developed by Nobel Biocare to eliminate many of the difficulties facing patients and clinicians. It allows for an immediate function, full-arch, implant-supported prosthesis without the need for any bone grating procedures, even in atrophic situations. In this 2-day program, participants will learn how to assess and select patients for this procedure. A comprehensive surgical and restorative protocol complemented with digital planning and execution will be presented to the participants.The latter will highlight the relevant steps and procedures that are essential in securing a successful outcome for these challenging cases. The participants will have the opportunity to observe the complete surgical and restorative rehabilitation of the patient, from planning to the delivery of a highly functional and esthetic solution supported by 4 implants in anatomically strategic positions, thus dramatically increasing the quality of life for the patient. This program is aimed at clinicians already familiar with common edentulous treatments, who would like to progress to more complex edentulous treatment modalities and develop their clinical competencies. Upon completion of this course, participant will : Understand patient case selection to optimize the overall success of the rehabilitation of the patient. •Understand the importance of digital tools (CBCT and digital planning softwares, DTX) in the assessment, planning and surgical execution of the All on 4 treatment concept. •Be familiar with the scientific evidence supporting advanced rehabilitation of the edentulous mandible/maxilla. •Understand the surgical and prosthetic step-by-step protocol for the All-on-4 treatment concept. •Understand the challenges of complications of both the surgical and restorative phases of the All-on-4 treatment concept. •Know how to produce a provisional prosthesis for immediate function and same-day treatment.
Niveau initial
JW Marriott Parq Vancouver
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Nobel Biocare Canada: Montreal Innovation Summit

Nov 26, 2021
Montreal, QC, CA
Dr. Bobby Birdi
Dr. Kevin Aminzadeh
Dr. Michel El-Hakim
Dr. Michel Couture
Dr. Nicholas Makhoul

Innovation and Technologies Shaping Patient Care

Treatment of edentulous patients with the All-on-4 Treatment Concept and zygomatic implants

In this session, our panel will discuss:

- Treating the fully edentulous patient using the All-on-4 Treatment Concept or Zygoma implants

- Established strategies of the soon-to-be edentulous patient (i.e. terminally ill dentition) 

- Alternatives and objectives for prosthodontic treatments for the fully edentulous patient

Soft-tissue preservation and restorative flexibility with new surface technology

In this session, Dr. Birdi will discuss:

- Why implant surfaces are critical in the osseointegration process

- Soft tissue integration and why the process begins at abutment level

- Preserve the soft tissue attachment without compromising flexibility – The On1 Concept

- Learn about prosthetic solutions to optimize clinical outcomes


7 credits
Niveau initial
Fairmont La Reine Elizabeth

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