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April 2024

Immediate Implant Placement and Tissue Management in Esthetic Zone

Apr 06 - 07, 2024
Quarry Bay, HK
Dr. Loretta Yuen Lok Ching
Immediate implant placement can be challenging, especially in the aesthetic zone. How can we persistently achieve predictable results and longevity of the treatment? Immediate implant placement and provisionalisation (IIPP) is a well-documented treatment modality with long-term success rate. The key is understanding the perfect balance of biology and prosthetics to achieve a natural, harmonised outcome. Understanding the limitations and different techniques of hard tissue grafting and soft tissue manipulation procedures will facilitate achievement of optimal aesthetic outcome in complex cases. This course aims at explaining the indication, diagnosis, planning and execution with focus on current technologies and concepts to guide you through the thinking process.
Nobel Biocare Training Centre

Mentor program — Implant Treatment Planning, Surgical and Prosthetic Considerations 2024

Apr 08 - 29, 2024
Quarry Bay, HK
Dr. Daniel Fang
This four-day program covers a structured approach to diagnostics, treatment planning and safe implant placement from single-tooth to multiple teeth as well as marketing of the implant practice. It covers all the essential information needed to begin basic implant placement. These study sessions will provide a kick-start on the road to safe and successful implant rehabilitation for your patients. This program is hands-on focused in order to enhance the learning experience. Additionally, participants are invited to carry out the actual work on their first patient at Centre for Oral Rehabilitation under direct supervision of Dr. Fang. This course is specially designed for the general dentists who would like to incorporate implants into their daily practice. Your staff will also be trained so that they can be actively involved in helping you bring implant treatment into your practice. This Mentor program will give you the confidence to discuss implants as a treatment option with your patients and contribute to an increase in case acceptance.
Nobel Biocare Training Centre

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