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Aprende junto a expertos líderes en el sector de todo el mundo. Nuestros cursos lo cubren prácticamente todo, desde el diagnóstico y la planificación del tratamiento hasta los flujos de trabajo quirúrgicos y protésicos. También abordan algunos de los más complejos y progresivos protocolos para el manejo de posibles complicaciones.

Octubre 2021

6-Day LIVE Patient Surgical Externship Zygomatic Implants live patient Hands-on Program

Dr Louie Al-Faraje
Take your skills in the All-on-4® treatment concept to the next level, transform more patients' lives with zygoma implants. Practice innovative surgical and prosthetic approaches to rehabilitate patients with severe maxillary atrophy. This program covers everything from diagnosis and treatment planning using zygomatic implants to surgical and prosthetic processes. We even address complex and progressive protocols for managing potential complications.
Curso avanzado
California Implant Institute

Restored Smiles - Session III Pathway to predictable and successful implant placement

Guadalajara, CA, MX
Dr. J.V. Huss

This is where the rubber meets the road. This is where we turn all your knowledge into action. Now that you have completed both sessions one and two you are eligible to perform live surgeries on multiple patients over two days. While gaining this great experience you will be donating crucial dental care to veterans, low income families, and the homeless.

One of the best part of this two day live surgery session is that it is held close to home within the United States. You don’t have to worry about your passport or international travel and various language barriers. Restored Smiles partnered with Brighterway Institute in Phoenix Arizona to provide implant dentistry to the less fortunate while providing the opportunity to all attending doctors to place many implants and gain value experience.

Curso de iniciación
Mongalo Institute
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