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July 2022

Mentor program by DR. DANIEL FANG — Implant Treatment Planning, Surgical and Prosthetic Considerations

Jul 04 - Nov 28, 2022
Quarry Bay, CN-91, HK
Dr. Daniel Fang
These four day programs cover a structured approach to diagnostics, treatment planning and safe implant placement from single-tooth to multiple teeth as well as marketing of the implant practice. It covers all the essential information needed to begin basic implant placement. These study sessions will provide a kick-start on the road to safe and successful implant rehabilitation for your patients. This program is hands-on focused in order to enhance the learning experience. Additionally, participants are invited to carry out the actual work on their first patient at Centre for Oral Rehabilitation under direct supervision of Dr. Fang. This course is specially designed for the general dentists who would like to incorporate implants into their daily practice. Your staff will also be trained so that they can be actively involved in helping you bring implant treatment into your practice. This Mentor program will give you the confidence to discuss implants as a treatment option with your patients and contribute to an increase in case acceptance.
Fundamental course
Nobel Biocare Training Centre
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September 2022

Implant Education Company - 3 Day Live Surgical Implant Course with Site Prep

Sep 01 - Oct 24, 2022
Phoenix, AZ, US
Dr. Joe Mehranfar

This introduction to dental implant surgery is a 3-day course where attending dentists will have two and a half days of live surgical training, ½ day of live hands-on exercise, and 4 hours of online learning.

The hands-on will include learning implant drilling techniques and becoming familiar with the intricacies of the surgical kit. Attending dentists will also practice suturing techniques on suture pads and learn materials for site prep. For the live surgical portion, dentists will treat patients in different clinical situations. Dentists will plan and treatment plan each case with the instructors for optimal patient care.

At the conclusion of this course, participants will have gained a greater understanding of the necessary skills, techniques, instruments, and materials that are required for dental implant surgery.

Fundamental course
Implant Education Company
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Restored Smiles - Pathway to Predictable and Successful Implant Placement

Sep 23 - Oct 22, 2022
Huntington Beach, CA, US
Dr. J.V. Huss

Learn how to place dental implants in to abundant bone predictably, efficiently, and successfully. This comprehensive course is filled with hands-on exercises to prepare you for socket preservation, flap design, implant placement, and suturing. With your purchase you will have access to Session One ONLINE curriculum for up to 1 year so that you can go back and review as often as you want.

Fundamental course
Paramount Dental Studio
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October 2022

Demain, je travaille moi-même sur les implants de mes patients.

Oct 13, 2022
Mechelen, BE
Mr. Thomas Moureau

De nos jours, un dentiste ne peut plus faire abstraction des réhabilitations implantaires dans l’arsenal thérapeutique qu’il met à disposition de ses patients.

Nous décortiquerons, pas à pas, les différentes étapes et actes nécessaires au placement de la restauration prothétique, avec un focus sur la connexion conique, ainsi que les paramètres à respecter pour garantir le succès sur le long terme. La restauration sur implant n’aura plus de secret pour vous.

Fundamental course
Nobel Biocare Belgium
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2022 Posterior Know-how — Interactive training course

Oct 13 - 14, 2022
Hong Kong, HK
Dr. Sze Lok Alfred Lau
Dr. Chao Jack Ji

There are a lot of special precautions when we do dental implants at the posterior maxillary and mandibular region. It’s never meant to be very easy, although not esthetically as important when compare with the implant in the esthetic zone. All sorts of posterior problems such as the ID nerve and lingual nerve, the maxillary sinus, the proximity to the throat and airway, the accessibility due to the cheek and the tongue makes placing dental implant in this region more challenging. Moreover, there are unique resorption pattern such as maxillary sinus pneumontization and the typical knife edge posterior mandibular ridge and loss of vertical bone volume sometimes made dental implant placement very difficult and risky.

This course aims to walk you through the journey of knowing the limitation, pre-operative assessment and decision marking when doing dental implant at the posterior region of the jaw. Bone augmentation at this area will be mentioned as well as immediate placement. We hope to give you some up-to-date evidence based practical tips during the 2 days learning. Live surgical demonstration, hands-on practical sessions and case base small group discussions will also be provided, hoping to make the course more interactive. We will see you there!
Topics will include

  • Decision making on posterior region 
  • Soft tissue management at posterior zone
  • Immediate implant placement in posterior region
  • Sinus augmentation, GBR & material 
  • Complication on dental implant surgery
  • Peri-implantitis and treatment


Fundamental course
To Be Updated

Game of Bones 2.0: Actuele technieken voor tissue regeneration (incl. hands-on op varkenskaken)

Oct 21, 2022
Melle, BE
Mr. Stefan Matthijs
Mr. Andy Temmerman

Botsubstituten van xenogene oorsprong worden reeds meerdere decennia gebruikt in de tandheelkunde. Deze worden vaak gebruikt in combinatie met resorbeerbare collageen membranen. Hun toepassingsgebied ligt vaak in de pre-implantaire en pre-prothetische behandelingen.

We staan stil bij de recente technieken en om een voorspelbaar resultaat te bekomen is de kennis van volgende courante chirurgische technieken essentieel.

Advanced course
Orsi Academy

Oregon Academy of General Dentistry - Implants for the General Dentist

Oct 22, 2022-
May 13, 2023
Tigard, OR, US
Thomas Eshraghi
Brad McAllister

This interactive course will include detailed lectures, hands-on surgical activities, implant protocol review, case presentations and live treatments.

Fundamental course
Oregon Academy of General Dentistry

Masterclass guided and computer navigated surgery

Oct 26, 2022
Mechelen, BE
Mr. Michaël Gabai
Advanced course
Nobel Biocare

November 2022

Implant Education Company - 3 Day Live Surgical All-on-4® Course

Nov 01 - 14, 2022
Phoenix, AZ, US
Dr. Joe Mehranfar

A unique live surgical opportunity to learn the All on 4® treatment with digital workflow from expert instructors.

Each attending dentist will treat an upper and lower arch and learn the digital workflow process to immediate temporization of a 3D printed prosthesis.

Fundamental course
Implant Education Company
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Masterclass Periimplantitis Dres. Pedro Peña y Alberto Monje

Nov 11, 2022
Barcelona, ES
Dr Alberto Monje Correa
Dr Pedro Peña
La peri-implantitis es un fenómeno que afecta aproximadamente al 20-25% de nuestros pacientes. La prevención controlando los factores locales y sistémicos es crucial para el éxito a largo plazo. Sin embargo, cuando la patología está presente es fundamental un conocimiento global del manejo de tejidos duros y blandos para optimizar y acondicionar el tejido perio-implantar y mantenerlo en condiciones saludables. Este curso abordará las claves del diagnóstico, pronóstico, prevención y, sobre todo, manejo de la peri-implantitis y condiciones estéticas alrededor de implantes, haciendo énfasis en la importancia de la encía queratinizada durante la prevención y tratamiento de la misma. Se le proveerá a los participantes de los conocimientos biológicos y las habilidades técnicas para la consecución de éxito en el tratamiento de estas condiciones, incluyendo los métodos actuales para descontaminar la superficie del implante como GalvoSurge™.
Advanced course
NH Collection Constanza
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Immediate implants and dynamic navigation

Nov 19, 2022
Burlingame, CA, US
Dr Daniel Cullum

Immediate implant placement has gained broader application and clinical results are very predictable. This course will teach techniques for immediate management of single- and multi-rooted teeth in both maxillary and mandibular extraction sites. 

Dynamic navigational surgery with X-Guide® provides a paradigm shift in predictably preplanning implant treatment for optimal outcomes. These techniques offer a faster healing interval and minimal discomfort. Cone beam CT imaging is important for evaluation of alveolar dimensions, inferior alveolar nerve proximity, sinus anatomy and pathology for appropriate case selection. Progressive skill development will be shown to manage and avoid patient complications. 

This program will focus on the best clinical practices using case studies, simultaneous procedure and dynamic navigation videos,
and hands-on applications. 

This course is intended for oral surgeons, periodontists, and advanced clinicians with experience in implant dentistry.

Learning outcomes

After this one-day course, the participant will

– Understand safe and predictable immediate treatment options utilizing dynamic navigation with X-Guide®.

– Be familiar with grafting procedures and materials in concert with immediate implant placement.

– Be able to apply dynamic navigation with crestal sinus elevation to facilitate immediate implant placement.

– Be able to identify defects appropriate for reconstruction with immediate implant techniques.

Advanced course
Unident Laboratories

December 2022

Implant Education Company - 3 Day Live Surgical Sinus Lift Course

Dec 01 - 11, 2022
Phoenix, AZ, US
Dr. Joe Mehranfar

The resorption of the posterior maxilla impacts the ability to place implants in most patients and will prevent patient satisfaction and an improvement in their quality of life. Implementing the sinus lift technique for your practice will allow more patients to experience dental implants and the benefits they provide.

This 3-Day Live Surgical Sinus Lift Training contains two full days of live surgical training each dentist will perform on average four lateral window sinus lifts. Attending dentists will become familiar with the instrumentation and W&H Piezo Surgical Console.


Fundamental course
Implant Education Company
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PiD Esthetic Group

Dec 09 - 10, 2022
Mahwah, US
Dr Ana Ferro
Dr Nicole Winitsky
Jutta Roberts
Dr Mathilda Qvarnstrom
Prof Jill Helms
Dr Susan Tanner
We end the year of 2022 with an amazing course at the Nobel Biocare NobelProcera® production & service centre in Mahwah, New Jersey, located just outside of New York. You will get insights and knoweldge in esthetic implant dentistry through a special educational program including lectures, hands-on training, workshops and discussions and also an exciting opportunity to explore the facility and experience the world-leading precision manufacturing of Nobel Biocare's NobelProcera® prosthetic portfolio. You will also get a great opportunity to share experiences with other female clinicians. We look forward to another unforgettable Nobel Biocare PiD EG course.
Fundamental course
Nobel Biocare Procera LLC

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