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Digital dentistry workflow

Digital dentistry workflow courses 

A digital workflow allows for the full integration of therapeutic steps from patient diagnostics and treatment planning to surgery and prosthetic design. It enables you to collaborate more efficiently with your treatment partners and achieve more predictable results in less time.1-3

During our digital dentistry workflow courses you will: 

  • Learn how to use digital tools to perform treatment planning and guided surgery.
  • Explore the possibilities of digital treatment planning using the DTX Studio Implant software.
  • Define implant position(s) from a clinical, anatomical and prosthetic perspective, by combining tooth setup with patient anatomy.
  • Discuss indications ranging from single- to multiple-unit restorations as well as the correlation with different prosthetic designs.

In order to enhance the course experience, we recommend that the entire treatment team attend – this includes the surgeon, restorative dentist and dental technician.

Be on the forefront of dentistry and learn how you can achieve predictable results with the help of a digital workflow.1-3

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