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creos™ xenogain

The natural framework for bone regeneration.

A comprehensive range of xenogenic bone graft materials.

A solid foundation for implant placement

creos xenogain acts as a resorbing scaffold and maintains space for bone regeneration.1 The graft integrates with newly formed bone, building a basis for successful implant placement.

A comprehensive portfolio

creos xenogain particles are made of deproteinized bovine bone mineral matrix with preserved micro- and macrostructures.2

The portfolio offers a selection of xenogenic bone substitute for guided bone and tissue regeneration (GBR and GTR).

Easy handling

creos xenogain is available in a vial, syringe or bowl for fast and easy application. The portfolio comprises two granule sizes and a variety of volumes.

The scaffold for successful regeneration

creos xenogain is characterized by a preserved natural bone matrix and interconnected pore system.2 The graft offers a suitable environment for new bone formation.1,2,3

Treat your patients with confidence

creos xenogain is biocompatible.3 Quality controlled processing methods remove the bovine proteins and lipids.2

Effective bone regeneration in horizontal ridge augmentation enabling implant placement5

Uneventful healing without1,3-5 observed allergic reactions6

Integrates with the newly formed bone as a basis for successful implant placement1


creos xenogain Instructions For Use

Important information on, and instructions for, creos xenogain.

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Questions about creos xenogain?

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“What impressed me about this product was the variety of sizes and dosage forms, each offering very good handling properties.“

Dr. Bastian Wessing, Germany



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