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creos™ xenoprotect

A natural collagen membrane.

Facilitates bone gain to support successful implant placement.1-3

Good clinical results1-5

In a multicenter randomized controlled clinical trial, implant survival and success rates are high.4 The use of creos xenoprotect versus a competititor membrane for simultaneous implant placement and guided bone regeneration (GBR) at dehisced implant sites similarly reduced defect height and improved secondary measures, indicating non‐inferiority.2,4

Why creos xenoprotect?

creos xenoprotect is a resorbable collagen membrane for bone reconstruction, which is designed to perform with low rates of complications.1,2,5

Plays an active role in regulating bone-healing dynamics6

In a comparative in vivo study, creos xenoprotect demonstrated significantly higher new bone formation in the central portion of the defect. This was associated with increased expression of the growth factor Bmp2, which has a strong role in osteogenesis.6

Uneventful wound healing5

Low rates of wound dehiscence and membrane exposure have been reported in clinical studies.1,2,5

Outstanding handling

When hydrated, creos xenoprotect shows a low surface expansion.7 It is easy to trim (dry or wet) and does not stick to instruments. It allows repositioning in situ.

Implant survival rate and implant success rate are excellent4 with a high percentage of defect fill2

Active role in regulating bone-healing dynamics in vivo6

Uneventful wound healing5


creos xenoprotect Instructions For Use

Important information on, and instructions for, creos xenoprotect.

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Questions about creos xenoprotect?

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“Thanks to its elasticity and strength, creos xenoprotect is easy to handle during surgery. After surgery, it shows great biological responses and regenerative outcomes.“

Prof. Christer Dahlin, Sweden




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