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creos xenogain comprehensive range

The creos xenogain portfolio comprises an extensive range of non-sintered xenogenic bone substitutes for guided bone regeneration (GBR) and guided tissue regeneration (GTR) procedures. 

The comprehensive range includes:

  • creos xenogain – deproteinized bovine bone mineral matrix with preserved micro- and macrostructures.1,2
  • creos xenogain collagen – a composite of creos xenogain and 10% porcine collagen type 1.

Why creos xenogain?

Easy handling

For quick and easy application of the graft, creos xenogain bone substitutes are delivered sterile and come either in a vial, in a syringe or in a bowl ready for mixing. Two granule sizes and up to four volume options offer a wide variety of alternatives.

Treat your patients with confidence

creos xenogain is biocompatible.3,4,5,6 Unique processing methods remove the bovine proteins and lipids.1,2 With a calcium phosphate ratio that reflects the composition in human bone and a low crystalline structure, creos xenogain is accepted by the body as a suitable framework for bone formation.2,7,8

The scaffold for successful regeneration

creos xenogain is characterized by a preserved natural bone matrix with micro- and interconnected macropore structures.1,2 It offers a suitable environment for new bone formation.2,3,4 creos xenogain promotes rapid hydration (capable to absorb 1.75x its weight of water mass in a few seconds).1

A solid foundation for implant treatment

creos xenogain acts as a slowly resorbing scaffold and maintains space for bone regeneration.4 The graft integrates with the newly formed bone, building a basis for successful implant placement.

creos xenogain collagen

A composite of creos xenogain and 10% porcine collagen type 1 for easy graft application e.g. in extraction sockets, that is available as a block or a syringe.

creos xenoprotect

Once the bone substitute is applied, the resorbable creos xenoprotect membrane can be used to hold it in place and act as a barrier to soft tissue ingrowth. 

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Dr. Bastian Wessing, Germany – Gap augmentation during immediate implant placement with immediate restoration

Situation: Hopeless tooth 11 after traumatic accident with discoloring, persistent pain and mobility grad II.

Solution: Immediate implant placement with gap augmentation using creos xenogain (small granules).

View case (PDF, 476 kB)

Dr. Sascha Jovanovic, USA – GBR procedure with simultaneous implant placement

Situation: Missing tooth #12 with post extraction bony defect in coronal part of the ridge.

Solution: Delayed implant placement (NobelActive 3.0 x 13 mm) in combination with a GBR procedure (using creos xenogain and creos xenoprotect).

Dr. Pedro Santos Silva, Portugal – Ridge augmentation and implant placement to enhance esthetic in implant dentistry

Situation: Missing central incisor due to trauma in childhood. Patient is under orthodontic treatment.

Solution: Implant placement (NobelActive 3.5 x 13 mm) with simultaneous bone augmentation using creos xenoprotect and creos xenogain (small granules 0.2 - 1.0 mm).

View case (PDF, 1 MB)

Dr. Ferdinando D'Avenia, Italy – Immediate implant placement in a site with severe buccal dehiscence

Situation: Chronic periodontitis. Tooth # 25 with porcelain fused to metal crown and metal post and core. Vertical root fracture occurred two months earlier. 10 mm “U” shaped buccal dehiscence.

Solution: Immediate implant placement (NobelParallel CC RP 4.3 x 13 mm) in combination with a GBR procedure (using creos xenogain and creos xenoprotect).

View case (PDF, 1 MB)

Dr. med. dent. Annette Felderhoff-Fischer, Germany – Maxillary sinus floor elevation with simultaneous implant placement

Situation: Missing teeth #15 and 16, with inadequate bone height for the implant placement due to maxillary sinus pneumatization.

Solution: Maxillary sinus floor elevation (using creos xenogain and creos xenoprotect) in combination with immediate implant placement (NobelParallel CC Ø 5.0 x 10 mm at 15 and NobelParallel CC Ø 5.0 x 10 mm at 16).


Dr. Bastian Wessing, Germany

Dr. Bastian Wessing, Germany

“What impressed me about this product was the variety of sizes and dosage forms, each offering very good handling properties.”

Univ.-Prof. DDr. Werner Zechner, Austria

Univ.-Prof. DDr. Werner Zechner, Austria

"After using the non-sintered creos xenogain bone substitute, I appreciated its handling properties and I see its high hydrophilicity as a biological advantage in peri-implant defect regeneration and sinus grafting."

Dr. Ferdinando D'Avenia, Italy

“creos xenogain is a user-friendly bone grafting material: hydration, manipulation and positioning is simplified by its wettability coupled with a smart syringe packaging that really makes things easy.” 

Dr. Pedro Santos Silva, Portugal

“What most impressed me about this product was the handling property and the fast integration.” 



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