A new approach to implant cleaning

The unique GalvoSurge mode of action completely removes biofilm from any titanium implant surface.1

Peri-implantitis doesn't have to mean dental implant failure

Peri-implantits is one of the biggest unsolved problems in dental implantology, and its prevalence is expected to increase over time. While good, long-term results are difficult to achieve with current dental implant cleaning methods, GalvoSurge offers a new approach.


When dentistry meets chemistry

The GalvoSurge procedure uses a unique mode of action, creating hydrogen bubbles on the implant surface, breaking away the biofilm and leaving the implant clean and prepared for bone grafting.1,2


Fight peri-implantitis with the power of bubbles

GalvoSurge utilizes a cleaning method which creates optimized conditions for bone grafting procedures. Re-osseointegration is possible.2

An electrolyte solution is sprayed around the implant.

An extra-low voltage activation creates hydrogen bubbles which lift the biofilm matrix away.*

The implant surface is decontaminated including threads, undercuts and microstructures.*

Contaminated implant surfaces are cleaned to prepare the site for grafting and re-osseointegration.

Cleans any titanium implant surface*

The GalvoSurge cleaning method is compatible with most implant systems on the market. It completely removes the biofilm in micro and macro structures of the implant*, leaving it clean without unexpected harm to healthy soft and hard tissue.1

Clinically proven

The first randomized controlled clinical trial showed excellent results. All implant sites treated with GalvoSurge were free from inflammation, and full or significant bone fill was achieved in all implants depending on the bone defect. Cleaning with GalvoSurge achieved an implant surface where complete re-osseointegration is possible.2

Thorough decontamination

An in vitro study showed GalvoSurge removed oral biofilm and bacteria significantly better than other methods of cleaning dental implants currently available on the market.1

  • Before cleaning

    (negative controls)

    Dilution grade 1:1,000,000

  • After cleaning with the GalvoSurge Dental Implant Cleaning System

    (electrolytic cleaning)

    Dilution grade 1:1

  • After cleaning with a powder-spray system

    Dilution grade 1:1,000,000

GalvoSurge Control Unit GS 1000

The easy to use, no maintenance, device for dental implant cleaning.

GalvoSurge Dental Implant Cleaning Set

The Cleaning Solution and Tube Package allow treatment of up to two implants in the same patient.

Questions about GalvoSurge?

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Not available in all markets.

* As shown in an in vitro study

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