NEW NobelProcera® ASC Titanium Abutment

Screw-retained restorations for any tooth.

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The winning smile with NobelProcera®

Nobel Biocare prosthetic solution using NobelProcera® Zirconia Implant Bridge, NobelParallel™ CC and DTX Studio™ Implant

Nobel Biocare lab solutions

Lab solutions

Precision-engineered and manufactured solutions worthy of your reputation.

Nobel Biocare offers ready-to-use CAD/CAM prosthetics, workflows, and services that maximize lab efficiency and save you time.

  • NobelProcera zirconia implant bridge

    NobelProcera® Zirconia Implant Bridge

    The NobelProcera® Zirconia Implant Bridge simplifies the partnership between clinicians and technicians thanks to restorative freedom.

  • NobelProcera® restorations

    We are here to help you build a reputation with your restorations. Our precision-engineered components can help you avoid many of the risks that can lead to implant failure. Moreover, high-quality materials provide strong esthetic results that customers today demand – and are proud to deliver.

  • DTX studio suite

    DTX Studio™ Lab

    Increase your order flow, gain production flexibility and collaborate closely with the clinical teams – with the open restorative design workflows powered by DTX Studio™ Lab.

  • NobelProcera open access

    NobelProcera® OpenAccess

    At NobelProcera production we strive to continue to improve our offers and standards. We have validated the workflows for several desktop and intra oral scanners together with both exocad™ and 3Shape® software to offer access to our high-quality restorations.

  • NobelProcera Scan and Design services

    NobelProcera® Scan and Design Services

    Save time without sacrificing quality. Outsource the scan, design, and production process for implant bars, abutments and implant crowns to NobelProcera, so you can focus on what you do best.

  • NobelProcera centralized manifacturing

    NobelProcera® centralized manufacturing

    All our individualized CAD/CAM prosthetics are produced at certified quality-controlled NobelProcera production facilities. This guarantees the precision of every component – every time.

  • Local production

    Local production

    Enhance your services and grow your business with in-house production. Nobel Biocare libraries are available for DTX Studio™ Lab, 3Shape®, Dental Wings™ and exocad™ software.