creos™ syntoprotect mesh

Porosity of a mesh, adaptability of a membrane

Reinforced PTFE mesh, available in 15 shapes for various defects in vertical and horizontal bone augmentation.

A hybrid approach to ridge augmentation

creos™ syntoprotect mesh takes a hybrid approach to ridge augmentation and is offered in various configurations, including shapes with fixation points, trimmable versatile designs for different defects, and interproximal shapes.

Note: Only use creos syntoprotect mesh when primary closure can be achieved and maintained throughout the duration of the healing period.

“creos™ syntoprotect mesh allows the vascularization you get from a mesh, but with the softness of a membrane that remains kind to soft tissues. With the mesh, and the bone quality I see at seven months, I can shorten time to implants by about two months.”


Circular macropores for direct contact between bone graft and periosteum, allowing naturally occurring revascularization and infiltration of cells into the bone graft.


Titanium frame maintains space essential for horizontal and vertical ridge augmentation.


Designed to work like traditional titanium mesh, but with the added benefits of easier trimming and easier adaptation. Easily conforms to tissue contours.

Clinical efficacy and practice efficiency

Safe and predictable in vertical bone augmentation

Urban et al. demonstrated that vertical bone augmentation with creos syntoprotect mesh resulted in an average vertical bone gain of 5.2 mm (relative gain of 96.5%) and complete regeneration in 89.2% of the 65 defects treated.

Shorter preparation and treatment time, lower cost2 

Bettini et al. showed that using creos syntoprotect mesh a titanium-reinforced PTFE mesh resulted in shorter preparation & treatment time as well as lower total surgery costs compared to customized mesh.

Questions about creos syntoprotect mesh?

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See Instructions For Use for full prescribing information, including indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions.



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