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the creos™ regenerative portfolio!

Now offering sutures, fixation systems, wound dressings and more premium membranes.

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creos™ is the Nobel Biocare regenerative product portfolio

Join us and experience the carefully designed, easy-to-use, effective solutions.
We aim to be the trusted regenerative partner for you and your patients, because you are what we stand for.


With creos™ regenerative product line, Nobel Biocare offers you and your patients safe and reliable solutions for guided bone regeneration (GBR) and guided tissue regeneration (GTR) procedures. Our extensive range of bone grafts, barrier membranes, soft tissue matrices for bone and soft tissue regeneration is waiting for you!

Bone graft substitutes

  • creos xenogain

    creos™ xenogain

    Xenogenic bone graft used for guided bone regeneration and guided tissue regeneration.

  • creos xenoform

    creos™ xenoform

    Natural bovine cancellous substitute for efficient regeneration and augmentation of bone defects.


Collagen matrix

Wound dressings


Fixation systems

Questions about creos™?

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