ultra all-on-4

The next evolution in full-arch solutions

Ultra All-on-4™ solution

Step up to a new level of edentulous treatment by using components designed for optimal bone and tissue integration – created by the original pioneer of the graftless, immediate-load, full-arch solution. 

Proven concept

Stand out as a leading practitioner by offering your patients the only fixed full-arch treatment with 18 years of documented clinical success and over 250,000 patients successfully treated.1,2 When you use all-authentic components, you are assured each one has been engineered to fit together for optimal performance, reducing the chance of compromised healing and function.3 And now our implants and abutments offer a new surface technology to help make tissue integration even easier to attain.



TiUltra™ implants

Backed by years of clinical evidence, anodized implants have unique features that bring on quicker healing. The TiUltra surface has a gradual change in topography that helps osseointegration in the short and long term. The enhanced surface chemistry and hydrophilicity protect the surface to allow for proteins to adhere to the surface, thus speeding up the healing process.4       





Xeal™ Multi-unit Abutments

The non-porous Xeal surface, along with its surface chemistry, promotes soft tissue attachment and growth and can act as a barrier protecting the implant and underlying bone. Four times fewer cultivable bacteria were found at 6 months in the biofilms extracted from the test abutments with Xeal surface compared with the control abutments.5




NobelProcera® restorations

NobelProcera restorations are engineered with precision fit to ensure customized dental prosthetics that you can rely on. The precise fit between abutment, implant and screw combined with quality manufacturing helps to avoid system or component failure.6–8 All NobelProcera implant-based components are engineered as part of a whole system, not individual components.



Why step up to the Ultra All-on-4™ solution?

Optimal results!

Nobel Biocare doesn’t develop individual products. We develop entire systems that provide fully functional, natural-looking, long-lasting results. In order to secure long-term clinical performance, safety and cost-efficiency, each and every Nobel Biocare component has been designed to fit and function with related components. Together, they are one – with precise fit.  And that’s the Ultra All-on-4™ difference.

Questions about the Ultra All-on-4 solution?

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See Instructions For Use for full prescribing information, including indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions.

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