Immediate, graftless, fixed solutions for patients with severe maxillary atrophy.

The zygomatic solution backed by over 20 years of success, clinical science, and the support of community experts.

Zygoma Academy

Mastering complexity step-by-step

The Zygoma Academy is a community dedicated to facilitating the educational journey of doctors interested in zygoma treatment. This exclusive community offers a unique opportunity for mentorship programs led by our globally renowned zygoma experts, who bring a wealth of scientific and clinical knowledge. Nobel Biocare, a pioneer and leader in zygoma treatment, has a robust clinical evidence base that underscores the predictability of the approach.

Nobel Biocare Zygoma

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Nobel Zygoma - The implant for severe resporption in maxillary bone

Discover NobelZygoma, the implant that anchors in the zygomatic bone. It is an implant system for an immediate protocol with graftless treatment that also offers prosthetic versatility. This shortens time-to-teeth for increased patient satisfaction.1

Shorten treatment

Avoid bone-grafting procedures with NobelZygoma implants, which anchor in the zygomatic bone.

Gain Surgical and prosthetic flexibility

Benefit from the implant body design with lengths ranging from 30 mm to 52.5 mm and either a straight neck or 45° angulation, all with an external hex connection.

Obtain high primary stability for immediate function

Provide patients with a fixed provisional prosthesis immediately after surgery.* Multi-cortical anchorage and the proven apex design allow for high primary stability.1

Proven and immediate

The graftless solution that allows immediate loading, backed by 74 studies.

Long-term success

Excellent long-term survival rates at implant and prosthetic level, with over 20 years' follow up.2

Advanced treatment option

Immediate improvement in quality of life for patients with severe maxillary bone resorption.

Backed with science


"NobelPro Line is a group of products and training that allow more experienced professionals to treat more complex cases. For example, cases with soft bone, extremely soft bone, reduced bone height, reduced bone thickness and other situations that most implants do not allow.  NobelPro Line is the most comprehensive line in the market today."


*Loading with a provisional fixed restoration on the day of surgery is possible, provided patient criteria are met and adequate implant stability is achieved. 

  1.  Davó R, Syed H, Vicent VG, Pons O. Clinical outcome of 33 immediately loaded NobelZygoma 45° (new design) [PSA‐358]. Clin Oral Implants Res 2016;27(Suppl 13):256.
    Read the abstract
  2. Vrielinck L, Moreno-Rabie C, Coucke W, Jacobs R, Politis C. Retrospective cohort assessment of survival and complications of zygomatic implants in atrophic maxillae. Clin Oral Implants Res. 2023;34(2):148-56.