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NobelProcera® OpenAccess

Design with 3Shape®. Produce with NobelProcera. Access precision-manufactured NobelProcera restorations with your 3Shape Dental System™.

Gain access to a reliable partner with over 30 years of experience

Trust in our certified quality-controlled production and build your lab's reputation with strong, esthetic restorations for even the most complex cases.

Your open access to precision and innovation

We've validated the NobelProcera production workflow for 3Shape® desktop and intraoral scanners. Now you can access our high quality abutments, implant crowns and bridges. Treat more complex cases using our cement-free angulated screw channel solutions. Offer strong and esthetic restorations with full-contour zirconia.

Certified quality-controlled production

For high quality restorations on Nobel Biocare implants. Our production meets ISO standards1 and incorporates strict quality control checks during milling and product finalization.

Precision-engineered components

Build your lab's reputation with high-quality components that reduce the risk of implant failure and offer excellent esthetic results.

Start now!

Download DME files and gain access to a reliable partner with over 30 years of experience.

Create precision-made components with OpenAccess

Use your existing 3Shape® software and scanner

Enhance your lab's reputation with authentic Nobel Biocare implants

Track and Trace

Download and install Track and Trace to check the status of your restoration

Download DMEs

Download the relevant NobelProcera DME files for your 3Shape Dental System™. Product-specific design requirements that meet NobelProcera's high-quality standards are automatically installed with the file. (2016 & above version of dental designer software)

Questions about NobelProcera OpenAccess?

If you would like additional information, more details, or have specific questions about NobelProcera OpenAccess, click the link.

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