Nobel Biocare N1 system

Nobel Biocare N1™ system

Your next generation immediate implant system supported by the Nobel Biocare experience

Superior performance and results1-4

The Nobel Biocare N1 system enhances predictability by producing an osteotomy that has low heat generation, preserves vital tissues, and is minimally invasive compared to conventional drilling.

N1 two surgical steps

Confidently place your implant with just two surgical steps in over 93% of cases

N1 slow drilling

Protect biology of the surgical site with slow speed drilling and no irrigation

N1 reduces trauma

Reduce hard tissue trauma with the revolutionary OsseoShaper™ protocol

N1 less chairtime

Reduced chair time and fewer appointments for your patients


The Nobel Biocare N1 system is validated by a decade of science-backed research and performance.

N1 launch timeline
Customer support

Support at every step

Backed by a renowned team of localized and centralized support staff, the Nobel Biocare N1 Onboarding Program is customized for you and your referrals ensuring successful implementation.

Self-guided workflows for restoring the Nobel Biocare N1 system

Learn more about healing/temporary components, impression components, and final abutments for restoring at the implant level, base level, or Multi-unit Abutment level in our workflow guides.

  • N1 implant level

    Implant level

    Implant level restorations are trioval conical connection (TCC).

  • N1 base-level

    Base level

    Components and final abutments that interact with the platform of the Nobel Biocare N1 Base.

  • N1 Multi-unit Abutment level

    Multi-unit Abutment level

    Components and final abutments that interact with the platform of the Multi-unit Abutment. These are the same components that interact with conical connection MUAs.

Self-guided surgical workflows for the Nobel Biocare N1 system

Learn more about the surgical process and the benefits of using the Nobel Biocare N1 Base to improve your results

What clinicians are saying about the Nobel Biocare N1 system

Dr. David Lee Hill

“It’s a game-changer”

“I recently did my second stage check with an N1 Implant and Base. The tissue looked absolutely incredible. I was pleased with how easy it was to remove the healing cap from the N1 Base and to place the Position Locator. Early impressions are that the N1 Base should be used every single time. It is such an incredibly easy workflow for BOTH the surgeon and the restorative team. I am already seeing a difference in my practice thanks to the N1 system.”

Dr. Bobby Birdi

“What I love about the N1 system is the ease and efficiency of implant placement. The use of only 1 drill, and then the OsseoShaper to place the implant makes the process of placing an implant very simple, and less traumatic for my patients. I also love the fact that using this implant placement protocol allows for far less heat generation during the osteotomy creation process. Lastly, my patients are benefitting from faster times to final teeth.”

Clinical cases

N1 case setup playlist

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Resource center

Find all the Nobel Biocare N1 system resources you need in one place.

Warranty Program

Smiles should last a lifetime. That is why Nobel Biocare offers lifetime warranties on dental implants and restorative components.

In addition, we offer a 10-year warranty on custom-made NobelProcera® prosthetics. We will also replace – free of charge – any implant that fails to remain in the bone in which it was implanted, as well as any Nobel Biocare restorative components on the implant at the time of failure.

Nobel Biocare smiles

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See Instructions For Use for full prescribing information, including indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions.

Not available in all markets.

*Data from animal study.
**Data from preclinical study.

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