Nobel Biocare N1™ system

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More than just an implant, Nobel Biocare N1 is a fully comprehensive system of dedicated instruments, prosthetic components, and surgical protocols designed to support you at every step. Based on the latest science of osseointegration, the site preparation is performed with a low speed instrument according to biological principles providing an implant-specific osteotomy with maximized control. The surgical protocol assists in decision-making during site preparation.



The OsseoDirector is the first instrument in the Nobel Biocare N1 system site preparation protocol that defines the final implant position. The sharp design of the OsseoDirector tip supports bone engagement and the tapered body allows changes in direction while cutting the pilot osteotomy. The OsseoDirector instrument is for single patient use.


The OsseoShaper instrument preserves vital bone due to less trauma with low speed and no irrigation1*. It creates a specific osteotomy for the co-packed Nobel Biocare N1 Implant. The torque measured during shaping guides the surgical procedure.

Nobel Biocare N1™ Base and Implant

The trioval design of the Nobel Biocare N1 Base with the Xeal™ surface embraces the Mucointegration™ principle. The slim emergence profile is designed for long-term tissue stability, esthetics and restorative flexibility.

Engineered for stability2 and early tissue integration3, the Nobel Biocare N1 Implant is optimized for immediate placement and function.

Clinical Case

Implant placement in the anterior zone with ridge augmentation.

Case courtesy of Dr. Oded Bahat, Dr. Ion Zabalegui,. Dr. Eva Berroeta, Mr. Javier Pérez

Clinical Case

Implant placement associated with immediate sinus floor elevation at sites with inadequate vertical bone height.

Case courtesy of Dr. Oded Bahat, Dr. Ion Zabalegui,. Dr. Eva Berroeta, Mr. Javier Pérez.


Clinical Case

Nobel Biocare N1™ Implant with immediate placement in a fresh extraction socket. Atraumatic tooth extraction with immediate implant in a palatal position, then immediate loading using a temporary abutment screwed to the implant.

Case courtesy of Dr. Alfonso Caballero de Rodas

A comprehensive dental implant solution

  • Site preparation

    Biologically driven site preparation designed to preserve vital bone¹ and thereby promote fast osseointegration**. Specially designed to operate at low speed (50 rpm) with no irrigation, the OsseoShaper instrument offers maximized control. Torques generated using the OsseoShaper instrument guide the surgical workflow, assist in bone evaluation⁴, and provided an early prediction of implant stability⁴.

  • Implant design

    Engineered for immediate placement and function in extraction sockets, the Nobel Biocare N1 implant meets the demands of your patients. The trioval implant neck reduces stress on cortical bone³** (compared to traditional round implants) and promotes fast osseointegration³** together with the TiUltra™ surface.

  • Trioval conical connection

    Abutments slide into place with the fully indexed trioval conical connection (TCC). The clinical screw engages only when fully centered, providing confidence in a strong and tight connection. Together with the trioval implant, the TCC ensures a 360° consistent width of the implant wall and platform shift, for excellent strength and soft tissue management.

  • Digital workflows

    Reshaping modern implantology, the Nobel Biocare N1 system is fully integrated with digital workflows, including DTX Studio™ suite, local production of crowns with DTX Studio™ Lab and 3Shape®, and navigated surgery with X-Guide™. Also compatible with guided pilot surgery and TempShell.

  • Prosthetics

    Dedicated prosthetics with optimized emergence profiles, surfaces, and trioval shapes showcase the wisdom of the Mucointegration™ era for soft tissue maintenance and esthetics. The Xeal™ surface is featured on the Multi-unit Abutments and the Nobel Biocare N1 Base, a two-piece abutment placed at the time of surgery and left in the situ to preserve the connective tissue structure throughout the restorative workflow. All Nobel Biocare N1 TCC abutments achieve a strong and tight connection with a torque of only 20 Ncm, allowing for slim restorative components.

  • Practice, partners and patients

    Together with a simplified surgical protocol, the Nobel Biocare N1™ PureSet™ surgical and prosthetic kits are compact, intuitive and easy to clean and store. Each patient can rest assured that they are exposed to a pristine OsseoShaper co-packed with the implants. The site preparation is considerate of patient comfort with minimized noise and vibration. A versatile portfolio of dedicated prosthetics simplifies choices for referring dentists and supports confidence in execution.

A complete system.
For your workflow.
For your patients.

Every aspect of the system makes it stand apart. From the way it is designed, to the way it embraces biology1,3**, to the pioneering surfaces, it offers you and your patients the latest technology. Experience a new feeling in implantology.


Nobel Biocare N1™ System: Prosthetics overview

Nobel Biocare N1™ System: Site preparation


Rethink implantology together

Nobel Biocare is all about you, for your patient. The Nobel Biocare N1 implant system embodies just that.

As a Nobel Biocare N1 user, you will become a local leader in an innovation designed to bring simplicity and confidence to clinicians, and greater comfort to patients thanks to minimized noise and vibration.

What’s new about the surgical workflow?

New site preparation

It’s a simplified and biologically driven site preparation designed to preserve vital bone1 and promote fast osseointegration**. Each patient can rest assured that they are exposed to a pristine OsseoShaper co-packed with the implants. The site preparation is considerate of patient comfort with minimized noise and vibration.

Advanced implant design

The Nobel Biocare N1 Implant is engineered for immediate placement and function in extraction sockets. The trioval implant neck reduces stress on cortical bone3** (compared to traditional round implants) and promotes fast osseointegration3** together with the TiUltra™ surface.

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Fully digital workflow

N1 digital workflow

Pocket-sized PureSet™ Tray

The Nobel Biocare N1 PureSet Tray is designed for automated cleaning with few manual steps. It’s organized to save time, with an intuitive layout, easily identifiable components designed to reflect the surgical workflow. Tray and instruments stay together, secured by metal springs, throughout the cleaning and sterilization process for a significant time saving and to support dedication to uncompromised hygiene.

Warranty Program

Smiles should last a lifetime. That is why Nobel Biocare offers lifetime warranties on dental implants and restorative components.

In addition, we offer a 10-year warranty on custom-made NobelProcera® prosthetics. We will also replace – free of charge – any implant that fails to remain in the bone in which it was implanted, as well as any Nobel Biocare restorative components on the implant at the time of failure.



See Instructions For Use for full prescribing information, including indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions.

Not available in all markets.

*Data from animal study.
**Data from preclinical study.

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