Digital dentistry

Deliver on your promise of excellent clinical outcomes for your patients, consistently and efficiently, by adopting a digital implant technology workflow.

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The pace and pattern of communication between oral surgeons, restorative doctors, and lab technicians has largely remained the same over the years. Images are taken, planning takes place, and restorations are completed. However, technological advances have made amazing strides in simplifying communication, improving patient outcomes and achieving implant success.

We are going to walk you through what the ideal digital workflow could be and how it can make you more efficient and grow your practice.


  • DEXIS IS-card


    Put world-class scanning functions in your hands.


  • DTX Studio suite

    DTX Ecosystem

    A single digital platform that empowers you to connect your treatments from beginning to end.

Guided implant placement

  • x-guide


    Freehand surgery with real-time 3D guidance of your drills and implants.

  • Guided Surgery


    Plan and place dental implants with high accuracy and precision with guided surgery tools from Nobel Biocare.


  • TempShell


    Screw-retained CAD/CAM provisional at the day of surgery.

"I started using digital dentistry in my practice 9 years ago. My advice is to think about the big picture of what you are looking to accomplish in your practice and create a plan around software and hardware before you get started. DTX Studio has enabled us to seamlessly adopt a digital workflow in our practice and connect everything together. The efficiency of the entire workflow and the precision and versatility of dynamic navigation has led to this change of ~95% of cases being dynamic guided. DTX Studio is what allowed this entire workflow to happen. It's an incredibly powerful digital ecosystem."

Dr. Robert Pauley, Jr.


The Digital Journey: Utilizing intraoral scanning to maximize clinical production

Hosted by Dr. Robert Pauley, Jr.

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“X-Mark is a real game changer, from planning to execution. I can immediately position and load the implant the same day as the CBCT, it improves my working schedule, and makes the patient experience more comfortable, faster and less invasive. Since the introduction of X-Mark, I place 100% of my implants using X-Guide!”

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Why should you invest in digital dentistry?

To deliver on your promise of excellent clinical outcomes, to make you more efficient and to grow your practice. 

Let us show you how.