Digital dentistry

Deliver on your promise of excellent clinical outcomes for your patients, consistently and efficiently, by adopting a digital implant technology workflow.

Why adopt digital implant planning?

Patient outcomes

Efficient workflows

Enhanced communication

The pace and pattern of communication between oral surgeons, restorative doctors, and lab technicians has largely remained the same over the years. Images are taken, planning takes place, and restorations are completed. However, technological advances have made amazing strides in simplifying communication, improving patient outcomes and achieving implant success.

We are going to walk you through what the ideal digital workflow could be and how it can make you more efficient and grow your practice.

An important step is to get your patient into the digital world. Wherever you plan to start, you have options. Acquiring and visualizing imaging data in your practice and loading it into DTX Studio™ will give you the ability to plan and create intuitive restorative designs and workflows.

You are only one part of the team. Work closely with your partners within the DTX ecosystem in a matter of hours, not days. Communication is key to quickly and efficiently plan your surgeries. We hope you will have the opportunity to virtually operate on your patient several times before the actual day of surgery.

Having immediate virtual access to plan will then allow you to perform guided insertion or dynamically navigated implant surgery for your patients.

Why should you invest in digital dentistry?

To deliver on your promise of excellent clinical outcomes, to make you more efficient and to grow your practice.

Let us show you how.

DEXIS™ IS intraoral scanners

Put world-class scanning functions in your hands

DEXIS IS Intraoral scanners

Every detail captured

The DEXIS IS line of intraoral scanners features a wider, deeper field of capture, ensuring highly accurate and detailed scans.  They’re fast, too. The DEXIS IS 3800W model can scan a full arch in just 25 seconds*, saving you time and money. When it’s time to restore, you can simply scan the scan bodies and send the data to the lab of your choice. Plus, DEXIS IS scanners can fully integrate with your current practice management software. 
* In vitro test performed on a model when the recommended PC configuration is used.

Dr. Robert Pauley, Jr.


The Digital Journey: Utilizing intraoral scanning to maximize clinical production

Hosted by Dr. Robert Pauley, Jr.

DTX Ecosystem


Acquire patient data

One software to acquire, diagnose, and process your patient images in 2D and 3D. DTX Studio suite connects the devices and technologies in your dental practice or lab – in one single platform.

Diagnose, plan and design

Choose the software modules to support the treatment solutions that best fit your needs and practice setup.


With DTX Studio suite, it‘s simple to connect with your trusted production source to support your preferred surgical protocols.


How to plan a digital case in DTX Studio™ Implant

Presentation by Dr. Joe Mehfranfar

"I started using digital dentistry in my practice 9 years ago. My advice is to think about the big picture of what you are looking to accomplish in your practice and create a plan around software and hardware before you get started. DTX Studio has enabled us to seamlessly adopt a digital workflow in our practice and connect everything together. The efficiency of the entire workflow and the precision and versatility of dynamic navigation has led to this change of ~95% of cases being dynamic guided. DTX Studio is what allowed this entire workflow to happen. It's an incredibly powerful digital ecosystem."

Questions about DTX Studio™?


Place according to plan

Industrially produced surgical templates that fit.

NobelGuide, powered by DTX Studio suite, is a complete concept for prosthetic-driven treatment planning and guided implant surgery. NobelGuide offers guided pilot drilling and fully-guided implant insertion.

“I started with dental implants in 1982, and my focus was restorative. With NobelGuide, I suddenly have a different career as it allows me to place implants.“


Like a GPS for your drill

Same-day guided surgery

Plan your treatments in DTX Studio Implant and proceed to navigated implant surgery. With the X-Guide workflow there is no need for a surgical template.


X-Mark™ for X-Guide

X-Mark allows the dentist to provide all the benefits of less-invasive navigated surgery in more case presentations — from single-tooth replacement to full-mouth edentulous reconstruction.

“X-Mark is a real game changer, from planning to execution. I can immediately position and load the implant the same day as the CBCT, it improves my working schedule, and makes the patient experience more comfortable, faster and less invasive. Since the introduction of X-Mark, I place 100% of my implants using X-Guide!”

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Screw-retained CAD/CAM provisional at the day of surgery

More treatment efficiency

This solution is designed to increase treatment efficiency and patient acceptance using digital tools. It further improves collaboration between clinician and dental lab.


Supports fast time-to-teeth

TempShell is a screw-retained CAD/CAM provisional on the day of surgery, which is digitally created for each patient and easy to adjust according to the implant position. It is powered by DTX Studio suite.

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