creos™ allo.gain and creos™ allo.protect

A wide range of allograft materials, because all your cases are different.

A broad allograft portfolio for different clinical indications

The creos allografts portfolio offers you a wide range of particulate grafts, a 100% demineralized bone matrix (dbm) putty and a pericardium barrier membrane.

Choose the appropriate allograft depending on patient indication and personal preference

creos allogenic graft materials can be used for a number of clinical indications including sinus floor elevation, socket preservation, ridge augmentation and periodontal defects.

The tissue bank follows strict processing procedures in order to ensure safe tissue grafts of the highest quality for transplantation. All donors are recovered within the United States and meet FDA and AATB standards.

Securely track allograft tissue information and save with your patient file.


Why creos™ allo.gain?

  • Mineralized cancellous bone

    A porous structured bone with particle size range from 0.25 mm to 1 mm and available volume of 0.25 cc to 2.0 cc.

  • Mineralized cortical bone

    Offers a high density bone with particle size range from 0.125 mm to 1 mm and available volume of 0.25 cc to 2.0 cc.

  • Mineralized/demineralized bone

    Blend of 70% mineralized and 30% demineralized cortical bone.¹

  • Mineralized corticocancellous bone

    Blend of cortical and cancellous bone produced from sections of the ilium.

  • Demineralized cortical bone

    Demineralized high density bone with particle size range from 0.125 mm to 1 mm and available volume of 0.25 cc to 2.0 cc.

  • Demineralized bone matrix (dbm) putty

    100% pure demineralized allograft with no filler or inert carrier. Available in three different volumes: 0.5 cc, 1.0 cc and 2.5 cc.

creos allo.gain - methods of application

Three different methods of application

Why creos™ allo.protect?


Preservation of the native pericardium collagen matrix and its mechanical properties


Easy to tack and suture with high tear resistance
Rapid hydration and easy manipulation
Maintains shape and size once placed


Strong and stable due to the pore structure of native pericardium


creos allo.protect is available in three different sizes:
1.0 x 1.0 cm
1.5 x 2.0 cm
2.0 x 3.0 cm

Questions about the creos allografts assortment?

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The allograft particulate, pericardium membrane and the dbm putty are currently available for order in the US and Canada only. 

  1. Holtzclaw D. Extraction site preservation using new graft material that combines mineralized and demineralized allograft bone: a case series report with histology. Compend Contin Educ Dent. 2014;35(2):107-112.  
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