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From the President: Dedication to quality

by: Hans Geiselhöringer, President of Nobel Biocare and Dental Imaging

Quality is the cornerstone upon which our company, and its reputation for success, has been built. It also provides the foundation upon which we will build our future. As dentistry evolves, the need for high-quality products and solutions does not change.

Hans Geiselhöringer

Our dedication to quality lies behind Nobel Biocare solutions that offer dramatic reductions in time-to-teeth for dental implant patients.

From the extensively researched TiUnite implant surface to the design of our implants and the enhancement of restorative componentry and workflows, our carefully developed—and continually tested—solutions enable Immediate Function where it might previously have been impossible.

We believe quality that delivers such outcomes is worth fighting for. That’s why we go to great lengths to protect our high-quality innovations from those who would create potentially inferior copies.

Quality matters to patients, and so it will remain an area in which we will not compromise. We will do all we can to defend and further develop our innovations to ensure Nobel Biocare products support only the highest possible standard of care. The Nobel Biocare logo is, and will remain, a symbol of industry-leading standards for dental professionals.

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