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Your professional growth never stops. And we are committed to helping you advance at every level. We offer progressive education courses and events for clinicians and dental professionals at any stage of the implantology journey, from beginner to expert.

Education Journey

Expert training, tailored to your experience

Learn alongside industry-leading experts from around the world. Courses cover everything from diagnosis, treatment planning, and surgical and prosthetic processes. We even address complex and progressive protocols for managing potential complications.

  • Fundamental courses

    Straightforward cases show you how to perform surgical and prosthetic procedures – and achieve predictable esthetic and functional outcomes.

    Topics include: 

    • Implant dentistry certification programs
    • Diagnostics and treatment planning
    • Conventional/two-stage surgical implant procedures
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  • Advanced courses

    Take your fundamental implant dentistry experience to the next level while developing the skills to perform advanced surgical and prosthetic procedures.

    Topics include:

    • Hard and soft tissue management
    • Immediate function
    • Graftless solutions
    • Rehabilitation for edentulous patients
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  • Expert courses

    Treat challenging situations using advanced treatment planning and complex surgical and prosthetic procedures. These courses require significant experience in placing implants.

    Topics include: 

    • Rehabilitation concepts for edentulous patients with high maxillary resorption
    • Complex grafting
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Course Topics

Courses and training to meet your professional development needs. 

  • Single and multiple-unit implant placement

    Treatment options. Implant variations. Surgical protocols. Bone density. There are so many factors to consider. And every case is different. Proper training guides you in identifying the right approach.

  • Prosthetic rehabilitation

    These courses cover an extensive range of topics and are designed for clinicians who want to offer their patients the latest implant-based restorative dentistry.

  • Hard and soft-tissue management

    Courses that develop your understanding, skills and ability to address a range of challenges in bone and soft tissue management.

  • Full-arch rehabilitation

    Learn how to provide solutions for treating edentulous and soon-to-be edentulous patients with efficient, graftless options for the maxilla and mandible.

  • Digital dentistry workflow

    Learn how to use digital tools to build proficiency and expertise at every stage of the workflow – from diagnosis through surgery and prosthetic design.

  • Zygomatic implant placement

    Zygomatic implant courses provide experienced clinicians with a treatment option to address the lack of bone volume during implant-supported prosthetic rehabilitation – without the need for bone grafting or sinus lift procedures.

  • Dental practice development

    We never forget you’re running a business. These courses are designed to help you grow it with advanced skills in areas like patient communication, patient experience, marketing, and more.

Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation (FOR)

FOR is a global, non-profit organization advocating science, education and humanity in oral rehabilitation. The website offers hundreds of learning resources for dental professionals: More than 300 video lectures from leading experts. Almost 100 clinical case documentations. Interactive ebooks and epapers. State-of-the-art treatment guidelines. And much more. Completely free of charge. Sign up now and get access to all resources.

Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation (FOR)

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