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Our favorite moments from Envista Summit 2024 Barcelona

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And just like that, Envista Summit 2024 Barcelona is in the books. Envista Summit is the heartbeat of dental innovation. Although the event spans only three days, its impact is felt throughout the year, in the clinic, in the laboratory, and – most importantly – in the lives of patients under our care.

The implant track is a great reminder of how far we’ve come. Not just in the past few decades, but even in the past few years. More than ever, clinicians are placing zygomatic implants and utilizing digital workflows to reduce chair time and achieve predictable passivity in full-arch cases. In an amazing show of community spirit, we were very fortunate to have Paulo Malo speak at an exclusive, invite-only session for All-on-4® Center of Excellence members.

We think Gianluca Di Chiaro best summed up the sentiment of this year’s Envista Summit: “I think this is one of the best events in the world in implantology and prosthetics. We are going again to the next summit in Las Vegas, so everybody come!"

As we bid farewell to another unforgettable Envista Summit, let’s take a moment to highlight some of the attendees’ favorite presentations and workshops. Oh, and before we forget, registration is now open for Envista Summit 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada – register today!

Nobel Biocare dental professionals taking part in a hands-on at the 2024 Envista Summit in Barcelona

“I love this international meeting, Envista did a great job, especially Nobel Biocare, and I advise everyone to try this at least once in their life for their surgeries.” – Prof. Marino Caroprese

Embracing digital workflows for simplicity and enhanced efficiency

On the Friday of Envista Summit, Federico Dell’Acqua, Armando Lopes, Renaud Noharet, and Alessandro Pozzi led the general session “Embracing digital workflows for simplicity and enhanced efficiency.”

During this workshop, attendees were taken through the digital patient journey, from engaging with the patient and assessing their needs, to treating the patient and applying the digital workflow to follow-up visits. The hosts also compared navigated and freehand surgical approaches in simple to complex cases.

Attendees also had a chance to see how a digital workflow can be used at every phase of edentulous cases, from creating the digital patient to delivering the final prosthesis.

While the promise of efficiency is often what attracts clinicians to digital workflows, the presenters stressed the importance of choosing the workflow that predictably delivers treatment excellence.

Don’t hesitate! Adopting the benefits of digital technologies for implant placement with ease

In this community session, Eric Rompen and Werner Zechner familiarize attendees with the key principles of implantology in the context of digital workflows. As the presenters relayed, a big part of employing a digital workflow is in gaining confidence with the digital diagnostic tools. Rompen and Zechner also walked attendees through the various surgical techniques and prosthetically driven concepts as well as avoiding and managing complications.

Nobel Biocare dental professionals at the 2024 Envista Summit in Barcelona

“I love Envista Summit, it is wonderful and the speakers are wonderful!” – Marta Maci

Nobel Biocare digital dentistry workflow

Explore courses on digital workflows

The future of implant dentistry is going digital. Will you be able to keep up? Check out the latest courses on digital workflows and become confident with the latest technologies and techniques.

’Zygoma 101’ and launch of Zygoma Academy

Those taking part may not have been aware of it at the time, but the ‘Zygoma 101’ training session was also the inaugural event of the newly established Zygoma Academy. During this session, Andrew Dawood, Enrico Agliardi, Raphael Bonnet, Rubén Davó, Alexandra Marques, and Dennis Rohner discussed what it means to be part of the zygomatic implant-placing community and the importance of creating an educational path to learn the techniques behind zygomatic treatments. The panel also encouraged attendees to connect with experts and select a mentor to help guide them through the process and first cases.

Zygoma Academy is a training and educational program providing personalized support for clinicians, to help enhance their expertise in zygoma treatment. One-on-one, pair, and trio sessions are available. Visit the Zygoma Academy page on the Nobel Biocare website for additional details.

Zygoma: Taking the next steps towards advanced edentulous solutions

On the Thursday and Friday of Envista Summit, Miguel González and Alexandra Marques presented "Zygoma: Taking the next steps towards advanced edentulous solutions." In this workshop, the pair presented the principles of zygomatic treatment by taking a practical, step-by-step approach. Just as important as understanding the steps of zygomatic treatment is knowing under what circumstances zygomatic treatment should be selected as the preferred treatment. The workshop also emphasized the need to understand patients' anatomical considerations for this type of treatment. Participants also analyzed patients cases to identify surgical techniques and zygoma implant characteristics.

Overall, this was a great opportunity for attendees to get educational tips to advance their knowledge and skills in placing zygoma implants.

Nobel Biocare dental professional using a dental drill at the 2024 Envista Summit close-up

“I came to enhance my skills in bone augmentation; I did vertical augmentation today and horizontal yesterday, and both sessions were great. Thank you Envista!” – Julianne Becker

Case discussion: Taking the leap of faith to zygoma

No matter what treatment, there is always that "leap of faith" when going from classroom to clinic. In this presentation, Raphael Bonnet, Rubén Davó, and Andrew Dawood helped attendees build confidence and troubleshoot when treating patients with zygomatic implants. This interactive, problem-solving workshop was based on real-life clinical cases.

Nobel Biocare zygoma implant close-up

Browse courses on zygoma treatments

Are you referring out for more complex full-arch rehabilitation cases? Gaining the skills with zygomatic implants can help you tackle cases involving severely resorbed maxilla, greatly expanding your treatment portfolio.

Hands-on sessions on regeneratives

We were absolutely amazed by the turnout for hands-on regenerative sessions such as “Horizontal bone augmentation techniques,” “Managing soft tissue to enhance predictability and esthetics,” and others. The interest was so high, there were people queuing to see if a seat would open up.

If you didn’t get a chance to get hands-on with the latest regeneratives, we invite you to check out upcoming courses on regeneratives in Europe.

Browse upcoming regenerative courses