Nobel Biocare ventures into synthetic-membrane technology to further expand regenerative portfolio

Nobel Biocare has made a key addition to the creos™ regenerative portfolio, introducing its first synthetic membrane, creos™ syntoprotect. Clinicians now have the choice of synthetic and natural materials, as it joins the existing selection of creos™ xenogain, creos™ xenoprotect, creos™ allo.gain, creos™ allo.protect, creos™ mucogain and wound dressings.    

Nobel Biocare has partnered with the synthetic membrane top quality manufacturing site and launched a line of dense PTFE membranes, expanding its portfolio of regenerative products. The move allowed Nobel Biocare and its family of carefully designed regeneration solutions – creos™ – to take a decisive step towards meeting the ever-diverse needs of dental professionals. 

The creos™ syntoprotect dense PTFE membranes are designed to withstand exposure to the oral cavity for extraction socket management when primary closure is not possible. The line also offers 13 shapes of titanium-reinforced dense PTFE membranes for ridge augmentations and grafting large osseous defects. 

By launching creos™ syntoprotect, Nobel Biocare brought to market a solution that is based on an established technology with more than 25 years of clinical practice. 

“With creos™ syntoprotect we aim to provide our customers with the confidence and peace of mind they are looking for,” said Philip Schulze-Smidt, VP / GM Regenerative Solutions, Business Development & Strategy. “The result is a line of synthetic solutions that promises to bring proven predictability1,2 and efficacy3,4,5 to tissue and bone regeneration, while introducing attractive design features.”

Finally, the 13 titanium-reinforced membrane options are easy to trim and versatile in shaping and positioning.

“Every patient is different: we know it and our customers know it. creos™ syntoprotect marks a turning point for our creos™ line, complementing our barrier membrane offering so we can provide dental professionals with natural and synthetic solutions for different indications, from a source they can trust,” added Philip Schulze-Smidt.

creos™ syntoprotect is available in Europe and the United States, where the line of creos™ regenerative products is conveniently available from the Nobel Biocare online store or through any Nobel Biocare Sales Representative. 
creos™ syntoprotect will become available in additional geographies in the coming months.

For more information on creos™ and the recently launched creos™ syntoprotect, dental professionals can visit or contact their local Sales Representative.

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