creos xenoform

creos™ xenoform

Xenogenic bone substitute for bone regeneration and augmentation.

Quality, reliability, and safety supported by 10 years' clinical experience

creos™ xenoform

The creos portfolio offers a selection of xenogenic bone substitutes for guided bone regeneration (GBR) and guided tissue regeneration (GTR).

To meet your regeneration needs you can choose from:

– two types of application (vial and syringe) 
– two particle sizes (0.2 - 1.0 and 0.5 - 1.2 mm)

creos xenoform


creos xenoform bovine bone graft


Same standards of quality and safety as the market leader.

1.67 Calcium/Phosphate (Ca/P) ratio.


Used by leading dental surgeons worldwide and supported by 5 years' clinical data.

What makes the difference?

creos xenoform SEM image

Maximizing blood vessel ingrowth

Made from 100% cancellous bone.

Innovative pulverizing technique allowing multiporous structure.

creos xenoform SEM image

Favorable for blood vessel access and development

creos™ xenoform has a relatively large pore size (300–400 µm) compared to reference product (100–200 µm).

Stimulating osteoblast activity

Low-temperature processing technique.

Natural surface topography.

Enhancing bone regeneration and formation*

Octacalcium phosphate crystal is found on the surface.

* as shown in an animal model

"The hydrophilic properties of creos™ xenoform enable a mixture with bone chips that is very homogeneous and easy to shape. This helps to obtain the desired bone volume and stability while supporting the environment for osteogenesis."

When to use creos xenoform?

When to use creos xenoform

creos™ xenogain collagen

Purified cancellous bovine bone mineral granules and 10% porcine collagen in block form and syringe.

The collagen helps to hold creos xenogain collagen in the desired place.

Especially recommended for extraction socket management.

creos xenogain in block form and syringe

Questions about creos xenoform?

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