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Discover the next generation of the All-on-4® treatment concept

All-on-4® treatment concept - the next generation

All-on-4® – the next generation | Nobel Biocare

Increased efficiency, more treatment options and restorative versatility

The All-on-4® treatment concept has led the way in edentulous treatment ever since it was pioneered almost 20 years ago. The next generation of the concept is the culmination of years of experience and findings from leading industry experts. Discover new innovations that will make a real difference for your patients and practice.

Multi-unit Abutment Plus

New Multi-unit Abutment Plus

The try-in and adjustment phase of a denture may be a challenge that takes up a lot of your time and the time of your patient. Not anymore, thanks to the new Multi-unit Abutment Plus.

Small change – huge impact

Simplify the temporization workflow

Bring the All-on-4® treatment concept to the next level with the new
Multi-unit Abutment Plus for conical connection implants. It is designed 
to provide a much easier and faster temporization workflow compared with the conventional Multi-unit Abutments.

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Save time with easy handling

The new snap functionality enables clinicians and lab technicians to substantially reduce time during chairside denture conversion or during the creation of a new provisional restoration. Multi-unit Abutments are also delivered with a pre-mounted holder for superior handling.

What users say

Clinician testimonial - Dr. Peter Wohrle

"The snap function on the Multi-unit Abutment Plus allows for a quick, user-friendly incorporation of the cylinders into the temporary restoration. Clinically this is significant as it saves valuable chair time and makes this a predictable procedure even for less experienced clinicians“
Dr. Peter Wöhrle, United States

The widest implant range for graftless treatment

The widest range of dental implants for graftless treatment

Each patient is different but all have the same right to graftless implant treatment with Immediate Function. 

These new implant options can help you treat more edentulous patients with limited bone quality and quantity. And – if patient criteria are met and adequate stability achieved – all our implants can be loaded with a fixed provisional restoration on the day of surgery.

The right implant for the right case 

NobelSpeedy Groovy - broader implant range

New shorter, longer, wider NobelSpeedy Groovy

Enjoy more surgical flexibility and achieve cortical anchorage in limited bone quality and quantity.

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New NobelZygoma 45° and NobelZygoma 0°

Discover NobelZygoma, the ideal implant system for an immediate loading protocol and grafting alternative that also offers a broad choice of temporary prosthetic options.*

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Restorative versatility

Restorative versatility with NobelProcera

With NobelProcera you can choose from a variety of precision-milled CAD/CAM restorations. Options range from the Malo Clinic Bridge concept – using a precision-manufactured NobelProcera implant bridge with individualized crowns for maximum esthetics – to a removable denture in acrylic on a cost-effective, high-quality NobelProcera implant bar.

Easy handling and long-term predictability with precision of fit

NobelProcera - Fixed implant restorations

Fixed implant restorations

Receive the precision needed for the success and longevity of your restorations. We offer screw-retained implant bridges as well as
implant bars for fixed prostheses.

NobelProcera - fixed-removable restorations

Fixed-removable restorations

An efficient solution for your fixed-removable restoration. Implant-supported overdentures result in higher patient satisfaction than soft-tissue-supported dentures.

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Important safety information

Treatment with dental implants is a surgical procedure and requires prior evaluation by your dentist to make sure your dental and general health permits dental implant treatment. Placement of dental implants is done during a surgical procedure, which has associated general risk, including infection, possible damage to nerve tissue, and excessive bleeding during or after the surgery. Consult your clinician to find out if dental implants are the right option for you.

Disclaimers: For professional use only. Caution: Federal (United States) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a dentist.