Slim Healing and Slim Temporary Abutment

When it comes to esthetics, less can be more

Product overview


Designed for the anterior

For implant cases in the anterior, the final esthetic result is extremely important for the patient. Our new Slim Abutments are designed to support excellent soft tissue results, helping the clinician to meet patient expectations.

The narrow design of the Slim Abutments increases space for soft tissue grafting, providing the room needed to build up plenty of healthy mucosa. This can help create sufficient soft tissue volume for the best possible esthetic result.

Why Slim Abutments?

Component benefits

  • The Slim Healing Abutment is designed to maximize space for soft tissue grafting and support esthetic results
  • The Slim Temporary Abutment gives increased space for the mucosa when a temporary crown is in place
  • The Implant Driver replicates the shape and height of the Slim Temporary Abutment and aids situational awareness during implant placement
  • The Slim Abutments are ideal for restorations in the anterior and one-stage delayed procedures
  • Available in a variety of heights and diameters



Designed for conical connection

  • Uniform load distribution with tight abutment fit
  • Maximizes soft tissue volume with built-in platform shifting
  • Supports narrow emergence profiles, ideal for the anterior
  • Color-coded for accurate and fast identification
  • Six abutment positions
  • For NobelActive and NobelReplace Conical Connection implants



Dr. Iñaki Gamborena, Spain

"I’ve been working with Slim Abut­ments for some time now, and I’m delighted with the results. More im­portantly, so are my patients. These are now my go-to abut­ments for anterior cases, where only the very best esthetic outcome will do. There isn’t another product like it on the market." 

Dr. Pablo Pavon.jpg

Dr. Pablo Pavon, Spain

“This new abutment concept has greatly improved the esthetic result in many of my cases. It gives me more space to place the soft tissue graft around the implants. The narrow shape of the Slim Healing and Slim Temporary Abutments helps with handling the graft and with placing it in interproximal areas. This results in a better soft tissue graft overall, improving the papillae in my anterior region implant restorations.”

Learn more from Dr. Gamborena

Esthetics in the anterior region

Find out what Dr. Iñaki Gamborena has to say on soft tissue management, innovative connective tissue grafting and healing abutment design. He also covers restorative considerations and issues related to flap suturing, as well as the new generation of Slim Abutments.


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The Slim healing and temporary abutments are currently pending 510(k), and are not available for sale within the United States. Contact your local Nobel Biocare representative for more details.