Envista Summit

Envision excellence 

The Envista Summit is the place to hone your skills, discover innovative treatments and network with top minds in dentistry.

About the Envista Summit

It’s been called “dentistry’s ultimate meeting of the minds.” The Envista Summit brings together hundreds of the brightest minds in dentistry and dozens of the biggest brands for three days of lectures, workshops and networking. To fine-tune the experience, participants can choose a professional development track, including implantology, endodontics or orthodontics.

The top minds

In the past, the Envista Summit has featured some of the most highly regarded names in dentistry, including Dr. Peter Moy, Dr. Joseph Kan, Dr. Reena Talwar, Dr. Joe Mehranfar, Dr. Ana Ferro and many others.

The biggest brands

The Envista Summit features dozens of brands under the Envista banner. As an attendee, you have the opportunity to get hands-on with the latest innovations from Nobel Biocare, Ormco, Orascoptic, Kerr, Spark, DEXIS, Metrex and DTX Studio.

Networking opportunities

The Envista Summit is more than just professional development. Network with the faculty and your peers at one of the entertaining networking events each night of the Envista Summit.