Professionals in Dentistry Esthetic Group (PiD EG)

The female dental network

Established in 2006, the Professionals in Dentistry Esthetic Group (PiD EG) is a comprehensive platform for female dentists and dental students to take part in the latest science, training and education. The group provides tailored educational programs, access to Nobel Biocare specialists and networking opportunities to empower and inspire dental professionals.

The new phase of implantology

The upcoming “New Phase of Implantology” conference aims to elevate the role of women in dentistry. A primary goal of this conference is to strengthen the role of female implantologists while also boosting the confidence of today’s female implantologists and future practitioners. Members of the female dental network also benefit from a lifelong professional partnership and an environment where they can feel safe in sharing their knowledge and experiences. PiD Esthetic Group's vision is to build a global network where women in implantology can support and empower one another, creating a more-inclusive field.


Access science, innovation, training and education that pave your way for a brighter and more successful future.


Find coaching and mentorship programs to overcome professional and personal challenges.

Stay connected

Benefit from lifelong professional partnership and safe environment to share and dare.

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The Esthetic Group, established in 2006, provides female dentists and dental students with tailored education programs, access to Nobel Biocare specialists, and other networking opportunities to help them grow into better, more confident professionals.

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Zurich, September 27–28, 2024


“Since 2006, our vision has been to build and grow a global network for female dental professionals: a place where dentists and technicians, and their teams can empower each other to grow. PiD Esthetic Group consists of dedicated female dentists and dental technicians and their teams engaged to develop within the field of implant dentistry. We focus all our knowledge and expertise to support dental professionals and enable them to treat patients in the best possible way. Let’s do the journey together.”

“At my first PiD Esthetic Group meeting in Mahwah, I felt everyone was safe to take risks and be vulnerable in front of others. PiD creates an environment where people believe if they ask for help or information, or if they make a mistake, others will not penalize or think less of them. This comes when people both trust and respect each other and it produces a sense of confidence that the group won't embarrass, reject or punish someone for speaking up. I really believe in PiD and I see the needs for it.”

Dr. Ana Ferro

“I have been a member of PiD Esthetic Group since its foundation in 2006. As a mentor and member of the PiD EG scientific committee, I enjoy sharing the experience I have gained in implantology and digital dentistry over the last 25 years. PiD Esthetic Group international educational network allows us to learn from dental professionals and advance our skills to treat our patients with the safest and most predictable solutions.”

Dr. Joanna Nilsson

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