PiD Esthetic group

“Daring to ask all those silly questions was just what I needed as a new dentist.”

Nobel Biocare has roots in true diversity.

Ms. Roberts, how did you decide to start Professionals in Dentistry Esthetic Group (PiD EG)?

It all started in 2006 when I joined the Nobel Biocare Sweden as a sales representative. Meeting clinicians of all different ages and experiences every day, I realized young female dentists, students, and dental technicians had some differences when compared to their male peers, in terms of adopting more advanced surgical techniques. Maybe they were shyer, less into experimenting new protocols, or less in to marketing their skills and talents. I was also intrigued by the statistics indicating that women are increasingly choosing dentistry as a career. 

I wanted my female customers to feel empowered, so I got the idea to create an industry-supported network that boosts the personal and professional development of young female dental professionals and provides them with mentoring and tailored education programs, access to the Nobel Biocare network, and specialist opportunities to help them grow into more confident professionals.

Ms. Jutta Roberts

Ms. Jutta Roberts founded the PiD EG in 2006.

This is how the Professionals in Dentistry Esthetic Group (PiD EG) was born, first in Sweden, but quickly we expanded into other countries where interest was high. We still look to expand our network in more countries, and our mentorship program that must be tailored to the needs of the groups in different regions.

How does the group work every day?

PiD EG has a mentor in each region, usually an experienced professional who works closely with our core team as well as the network of group members in her region. To ensure intensive learning experiences and to maintain a focus on personal development, we generally meet in groups of no more than 20 members.

Being a member of the network is immensely inspiring and constructive. The non-elitism makes all the difference. There’s nothing we cannot ask within the network. Also, no question goes unanswered. We can always call someone and ask for help. The group facilitates reaching out to each other concerning a complex case or a specific problem or question.

In addition to attending courses on a variety of topics in countries such as Canada, Portugal, Croatia, Brazil, Italy and the USA, the PiD EG group gets together for an annual educational course every year at the beginning of December.

This year we will celebrate our 17th annual educational day in Lisbon, Portugal, from the 9th to the 10th of December with outstanding lectures and hands-on workshops to celebrate our globally growing network. This is an opportunity no female dental professional should miss.

Join our next meeting!

Lisbon, December 8–9, 2023


With all online training and digital tools today, what are the needs for a group like PiD EG?

You may know the dunning–kruger effect. When clinicians experience a few successful cases in the beginning, their confidence level goes high. But we want our clinicians to level up with a complete self-awareness: knowing what is possible and what is not, what are the pitfalls and the risks, and how to avoid complications stay for when we gain more experience. PiD EG helps our clinicians to reach the mastery stage at their own pace, by constantly organizing training courses and lectures, along with mentorship which is the most important offering of our group. So, our members can grow in the field they want, with a mentor at their side. Our group has 3 main pillars: Learn, Inspire, and Stay connected. It is all about willingness to learn, dare, and share the experience with each other, as in Nobel Biocare, we believe in continuous improvement.

Dunning-Kruger effect

What do members say about the group?

They consider Nobel Biocare as their ideal partner, by being focused on the science, predictability, and productivity of the premium solutions and committing to investment in communities and education. I had a meeting with Dr. Mathilda Qvarnström, one of the group board members last week. I had tears of joy in my eyes when she said, “ I have my current job thanks to the PiD EG network”. Mathilda joined our group for the first time as an undergraduate student, and when she started practicing at a small private clinic in Helsingborg.

“I was really interested in surgery, and my peer dentist at the clinic was skilled in that. But I probably wouldn’t have ventured into implant surgery myself without the support of the network. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I lack courage, more that I’m cautious. Bouncing ideas off a non-judgmental network and daring to post all those 'silly' questions was just what I needed as a new dentist. That was exactly what I was aiming to achieve after joining Nobel Biocare when we made the game-changing move of founding PiD EG.“

Another member of PiD EG says, “as a solo practitioner, PiD EG has had a great impact on my professional, as well as my social self-confidence. The group and the membership sharpen the quality of my work and inspire me to stay updated on the newest information within dentistry.”

How about the facts and figures today? Can we say the gap between female dentists and those who advance in their careers is closing?

Dental schools have undergone a transformation from male dominance to equal numbers in the US, and female predominance in the Nordic countries, and the UK. In the rest of Europe, the increase is steady. Today, more female professionals either own their own practices or are in leadership positions. However, this change has not been reflected proportionally in academia. Also, there is a clear disproportion in favor of males in leadership and senior positions in the chains and clinics. In PiD EG, we believe that the industry can help the equilibrium, by supporting a group such a PiD EG and featuring role models who have experience and can personally relate to the challenges and advantages of becoming a highly professional and very successful dentist and clinic owner with all challenges.

To achieve their potential, what should female dentists do more?

In my experience, female dental professionals are hardworking and knowledgeable. They should believe in their leadership skills and dare to get into more advanced sectors of dentistry. They should also dare to ask for help and connect with members from all over the world. It is important to have the ability, capability, and willingness to learn, exchange and share skills. Being part of our network means the possibility to connect with experienced dentists and to get valued opinions and consultation in education for personal growth.

Is there an international dental professional who inspires you the most?

I am most inspired by Prof. Jill Helms. She has overcome so many obstacles, and never gave up. With her knowledge, intelligence and determination, she has contributed massively in science and the innovation of products and solutions for patient safety and raising the bar of implant dentistry. And she is absolutely an amazing mentor as she always listens, helps, and wants the best for everybody.