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Industrially produced surgical templates that fit. 

Place according to plan.

Integrated concept. Your way.

NobelGuide, powered by DTX Studio™ suite, is a complete concept for prosthetic-driven treatment planning and guided implant surgery. NobelGuide offers guided pilot drilling and fully-guided implant insertion.

Your first drill counts

In narrow spaces or close to the inferior alveolar nerve, there is no room for error. Guided drilling assists you in achieving the correct angulation, direction and depth of the drill when placing implants. Fully guided implant surgery enables you to best utilize your prosthetically driven implant planning.

Fewer risks with guided surgery

It helps you to avoid critical anatomical structures and to place implants as you have planned.

Simple setup for pilot drilling

Only one drill and one template is needed before you proceed with your free-hand drill kit, available for major implant systems.

Higher accuracy and predictability of implant positions, in comparison with freehand surgery1

Lower swelling and edema, as well as use of analgesics with guided flapless surgery compared with freehand surgery2-4

High patient satisfaction attributed to short treatment times and minimal discomfort5

NobelGuide Instructions For Use

Important information on, and instructions for, NobelGuide.

Questions about NobelGuide?

If you would like additional information, more details, or have specific questions about the NobelGuide concept, click the link below.

“I started with dental implants in 1982, and my focus was restorative. With NobelGuide, I suddenly have a different career as it allows me to place implants.“