Screw-retained CAD/CAM provisional at the day of surgery. Collaborative digital workflows.

More treatment efficiency

This solution is designed to increase treatment efficiency and patient acceptance using digital tools. It further improves collaboration between clinician and dental lab.


Supports fast time-to-teeth

TempShell is a screw-retained CAD/CAM provisional on the day of surgery, which is digitally created for each patient and easy to adjust according to the implant position. It is powered by DTX Studio suite.

Reduced chair time

Fewer adaptions using patient-specific restorations. Use the wings to ensure correct positioning of the provisional.

Try-in without screws

TempShell is complemented by the Temporary Snap Abutment and Multi-unit Abutment with Temporary Snap Coping. The snap fit improves efficiency and handling by removing the need for screw fixation during try-in.

Easy screw access

Drill Guide facilitates the creation of the screw access hole with the Apical Drill.

Improved efficiency

Deliver a provisional prosthesis in two visits.1

Delivers provisional restoration with a natural esthetic appearance1

Minimizes need for adjustments chair side1

Enables Immediate Function in two visits1

Questions about TempShell?

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“This workflow allows us to be more efficient in all treatment stages, from diagnosis to final restoration. And we are confident that we provide the best possible outcomes for our patients.“



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