creos mucogain

A natural collagen matrix for soft tissue regeneration

creos mucogain is a natural collagen matrix suitable for various soft-tissue indications such as soft-tissue volume augmentation and root coverage in submerged healing.*

creos mucogain

In submerged healing indications, creos mucogain substitutes the need for a second surgical site to harvest soft tissue. This avoids the post-operative pain, bleeding, swelling and infection associated with grafting procedures1-3, as well as limits on the quantity of harvestable soft tissue for grafting.


A choice of different sizes and thicknesses. Designed to replace autologous graft material in several indications.4

Excellent handling
Use straight from the box. Trim to precisely fit the surgical site.5

Mechanical strength
Memory effect: after hydration and cyclic handling simulations in-vitro, the graft retains its initial volume.4 High suture retention and stress resistance.4

Patented method
For producing an open interconnecting porous structure6 that is designed to promote soft-tissue regeneration through the migration of cells and blood vessels into the matrix.4,7

Clinically effective
For soft-tissue regeneration in submerged healing in combination with immediate implant placement and bone grafting procedure.5,8

Scientific evidence

creos mucogain: open interconnecting porous structure. courtesy of Matricel GmbH, Herzogenrath, Germany

Open interconnecting porous structure

  • Open interconnecting porous structure produced by a patented process6
  • Designed to promote soft-tissue regeneration through the migration of cells and blood vessels into the matrix4,7
Stress resistance for easy handling. Courtesy of Bastian Wessing.

Mechanical strength

  • High suture retention when dry and hydrated to enable fixation with sutures4
  • Suture pull-out strength is sufficient for tunneling technique5

Memory effect

When hydrated, the initial volume of the graft is maintained after repeated compression.4


Dr. Wessing

“Easy to use with nice handling. The soft tissue responds very well to the material with no foreign body reaction in my patients. A beneficial and promising material.”
Dr. Bastian Wessing, Germany

Dr. Fabbri

“creos mucogain can be used in many clinical situations achieving a satisfactory soft tissue stability with simplified approaches, avoiding harvest-sites morbidity.”
Dr. Giacomo Fabbri, Italy

Dr. Menendez

“It felt like an autogenous tissue graft and the mechanical stability is amazing.”
Dr. Miguel González Menéndez, Spain

* See Instructions For Use for full prescribing information, including indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions.


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