NobelProcera® centralized manufacturing

Reliable partner with over 30 years of CAD/CAM production experience. Choose the restoration that’s right for you – and your customers.

Achieve excellent results with a broad choice of custom prosthetics

Whether your customers request a single-unit or full-arch restoration, NobelProcera has a precision-engineered and manufactured CAD/CAM solution for you.*

Partner with a leader in the precision-engineering and centralized manufacturing of dental prosthetics

Nobel Biocare was the first to produce dental restorations in this way. Over 30 years and more than 11 million units later, all our individualized CAD/CAM prosthetics are produced at NobelProcera's quality-controlled production facility, guaranteeing quality – every time.  

Our implant restorations demonstrate high precision of fit,1,2 mechanical stability3 and provide years of safe and reliable service.4-6

Questions about NobelProcera?

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“I see a number of advantages to working with NobelProcera Implant Bars. One is the accuracy: If I deliver an accurate cast for scanning, I know – without a doubt – that my bar will fit perfectly. Another is the removal of the tedious procedures with cast bars and the resulting deficiencies, i.e. no more cutting, soldering or breaking of welded joints, porosity, etc.“