Confidence and control for implant success: insights from the experts in on-demand webinars

In the recent ‘Confidence and control for implant success’ webinars, experts explained the new Nobel Biocare N1™ implant system, and the X-Guide® navigation system. Their insights are now available on-demand.

In this on-demand webinar series, leading international experts share their clinical experiences with the Nobel Biocare N1™ system as well as the X-Guide® dynamic 3D navigation system and DTX Studio™ Implant software. The full advantages of the new implant system are explored, as well as the benefits of a digital workflow for both large and small dental practices, plus the value of navigated surgery for patients and clinicians.

All sessions are available to watch on demand in English with translation available in selected languages. See individual session details for more information.

Some products shown may not be regulatory cleared/released for sale in all markets.

Reshaping implantology in just 3 steps

Speaker: Dr. Robert Bolt

The Nobel Biocare N1™ implant system has reshaped implantology as we know it. With its dedicated set of instruments and prosthetic and surgical components, the system brings together many of the most sought-after goals in implant dentistry including increased patient comfort with minimized noise and vibration, and scientifically-proven protocols and biologically-driven designs for increased confidence and control. During this session, Dr. Bolt will share his clinical experience and demonstrate how to get started with this revolutionary implant system.

Learning outcomes

- Nobel Biocare N1™ system development and design

- Three steps for system use: Direct-Shape-Place

- Portfolio & what you need to get started

- Clinical experience with the system

Session in English. Also available to watch in: French German Spanish.

Benefits of a digital workflow: from treatment planning to navigated surgery

Speaker: Prof. Alessandro Pozzi

How can a digital workflow help my practice? Implant treatment is becoming more predictable with digital workflows. From image acquisition to implant placement, there is a digital solution for each step along the way. Prof. Alessandro Pozzi, a leading expert in the field of digital dentistry, uses a full digital workflow including static and dynamic guided surgery, daily in his practice. He shares best practices on how to transition to a digital workflow, as well as some of his own clinical cases in the anterior and posterior zones.

Learning outcomes

- Understand the benefits of digital workflow from treatment planning to execution

- Navigated surgery vs. static guided surgery

- Advantages of digital workflow with navigated surgery to improve predictability and lower the risk of complications

Session in English.

Esthetic restorations with the Nobel Biocare N1™ system

Speaker: Dr. Francesco Mintrone

The Nobel Biocare N1™ implant system has been meticulously designed to take advantage of the latest research in osseointegration, safeguard cell viability, provide confidence and control, and optimize patient comfort. One of the innovative concepts included in this design is mucointegration.

During this session, Dr. Francesco Mintrone, one the ambassadors for this system, shares his extensive clinical experience including detailed insights into restorative options and workflows.

Learning outcomes

- Nobel Biocare N1™ system in clinical use
- Mucointegration concept
- The importance of the emergence profile
- Esthetic and biological considerations
- Restorative designs and workflows

Session in English. Also available to watch in: French German Spanish

Navigate your digital workflow: from single implant to full-arch cases with X-Guide®

Speaker: Dr. Didier Delmas

Didier Delmas

Dynamic navigation offers the clinician all the benefits of guided surgery without the need for surgical templates. X-Guide® is a dynamic 3D navigation system that delivers real-time interactive guidance of drill position during surgery.

This session explores how to effectively combine DTX Studio™ Implant with X-Guide® to consistently place implants where you want them. Dr. Didier Delmas shares his own clinical cases and tips and tricks for using X-Guide® to execute minimally-invasive implant procedures.

Learning outcomes

- Key benefits of a digital workflow, even for small dental practices.
- Understand the value of navigated surgery for both patients and clinicians

Session in English.