How DTX Studio™ Clinic can streamline your workflows

In digital dentistry, connectivity is key. Designed specifically with this in mind, the DTX Studio Clinic software puts communication between your dental team and your patients front and center.

Through the DTX Studio suite, Nobel Biocare has revisited the full diagnostic and treatment needs of clinicians, assistants, referral surgeons and lab technicians. By connecting the latest technologies and equipment, this digital platform can streamline daily routines – from patient imaging acquisition to diagnostic support, planning, implant surgery and restoration, to follow up. Its modular approach can be configured to suit your practice’s needs, enabling an expansion of services as your practice grows.

Patient-centric software for all your patient images

Previously, dentists have had to use multiple different software solutions to capture, view and analyze different types of images from various devices and sources. DTX Studio Clinic software connects every aspect of your work to offer an open, interactive and dynamic patient image library.  Whether you’re using Mac® or Windows® PC, this solution allows you to manage the same patient file from your operating system of choice.

DTX Studio Clinic

Improve your workflow efficiency

Through DTX Studio Clinic software, you can easily manage all connected site equipment with the use of a single interface. All 2D and 3D imaging data is kept together in a central archive for diagnostic, treatment and follow-up procedures, and this data can be accessed from all computers with DTX Studio Clinic software within your dental practice.

DTX Improve your workflow efficiency

It isn’t just the dental team that can enjoy the benefits offered by DTX Studio Clinic software, however. Scan request functionality enables patient scheduling coordination prior to the patient’s arrival, while timelines can quickly be reopened to the patient’s last visit, resulting in reduced chair-time.

Furthermore, DTX Studio Clinic software is designed to redefine the patient experience and increase patient acceptance. Multiple presentation modes on a tablet, PC or Mac® are available for easy guidance and improved engagement of the patient through the diagnosis to their treatment options. A customizable patient report can then be created.

Smart viewing

Enjoy smooth and intuitive tooth-by-tooth navigation with the SmartFocus™ concept. This tooth-centric workflow both for 2D and 3D images provides a new way for directly inspecting areas of interest, and diagnostic findings can be logged with a single click.

SmartLayout™, meanwhile, presents all relevant images side-by-side, improving your professional perspective and your patient’s experience.

SmartFusion™ delivers an automatic way of direct alignment of dental optical scans from all IOS and desktop scanners with any CBCT scan using voxel-based algorithms, while also providing accurate information of surfaces and underlying anatomy in 3D.

Get your team up to speed

Compared to your previous non-digital or multiple different solutions, DTX Studio Clinic is designed to reduce the learning curve for new staff joining your practice. Data, findings, reports and even annotations can be shared between the entire dental team, making this a new platform for enhanced office communication.

DTX - Get your team up to speed

DTX Studio Clinic 1.8

With the latest evolution of this software, DTX Studio Clinic now allows you to compare digital impressions of your patients over time. This allows the whole dental team to assess the progress of the orthodontic treatment, gingival recession or tooth wear virtually.

DTX Studio Clinic can also now be installed flexibly. Since most previous KaVo software* allows simultaneous side-by-side use, images acquired with the previous KaVo software are still visible – while the clinic can leverage the full power of DTX Studio Clinic on selected workstations.

DTX Studio Core manages your image library in a central, in-practice storage server connected to your local network, allowing data to be synchronized and accessed from all workstations (Windows® PC or Mac®) across different rooms in the practice. Patient images and screenshots can further be exported in TIFF, PNG, JPG and DICOM formats – whichever format is your preference.

DTX Studio Clinic software empowers you to design workflows suited specifically to your practice setup and your patients’ needs.

*KaVo software: DEXIS™, VixWin™, Digora™ for Windows®, CLINIVIEW™, SCANORA®