Graftless solutions for the edentulous patient: Dr. Saj Jivraj

Dr. Jivraj is the editor of the textbook “Graftless solutions for the edentulous patient”, which provides a modern foundation for the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of fully edentulous patients with fixed implant-supported prosthetics.

Dr. Saj Jivraj

Dr. Saj Jivraj is currently an associate clinical professor at the University of Southern California School of Dentistry and the operator of a private practice focused on prosthodontics and implant dentistry. He is also the editor of the recently published textbook Graftless solutions for the edentulous patient, which provides a modern foundation for the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of fully edentulous patients with fixed implant-supported prosthetics. Nobel Biocare spoke with Dr. Jivraj about the book and how it can be used in the dental practice to produce high quality full-arch implant restorations.

Dr. Jivraj, would you please be able to give us a quick overview of the book?

Dr. Saj Jivraj: “Of course. This book was written because in our view, there was really no one thing out there that comprehensively summarized graftless solutions. First and foremost, this book guides dentists on how to think and plan when edentulous patients arrive in their office. It provides a practical approach to every single step and element of graftless implant placements – from diagnosis, to surgery, to digital techniques, to laboratory techniques, and so on.

“Creating the book was a prodigious project, and I must acknowledge the international team of experts with whom I collaborated for their outstanding contributions. I also want to thank my wife Dilaz, and kids Sara and Zain, for the support they give me during such demanding ventures – it wouldn’t be possible without them.”

What is the intended audience for your book?

Dr. Jivraj: “The audience I hope to target is primarily dental clinicians. As it’s broken up into several sections, the book is designed to benefit surgical specialists, prosthodontists, periodontists, laboratory technicians, and even dental hygienists. It’s essentially intended for the whole gamut of people involved in restorative implant dentistry. It could even be a valuable resource for sales representatives in the dental industry who want to really know and understand the details behind dental implants and techniques.”

So is there one particular piece of advice that you would give to a professional who’s considering getting into graftless edentulism treatment?

Dr. Jivraj: “I would definitely recommend that, first of all, they should know exactly what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. I would advise them to go to a practitioner with experience in this type of treatment and shadow them. And in addition, if they’re going to take a course on graftless edentulism treatment, I would highly recommend that they take a course which has a hands-on treatment component because this is not something really you can learn in a lab setting. This isn’t something you can just learn by practicing on a model – you really have to be able to treat the first patients with mentorship to do it well.”

There are a significant number of products and solutions from Nobel Biocare discussed in your book. Could you guide us through what some of the main products covered are?

Dr. Jivraj: “As far as the main ones go, the book covers Nobel Biocare’s All-on-4® treatment concept and highlights the broad range of NobelProcera products that are available. Oh, and the digital method of treatment planning that DTX Studio Implant offers is thoroughly discussed as well.”

Is there a particular reason you can say why you chose Nobel Biocare for this book over different providers?

Dr. Jivraj: “Essentially, I’ve been using Nobel Biocare products for a long, long time. I wanted to include products that have been tried and tested, not just by me but also by many other dental clinicians. Nobel Biocare’s solutions tend to have a lot of research behind them, and frankly, it’s a company that is willing to help should you run into any kind of trouble at your practice.”

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