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Choosing material and techniques for the treatment and prevention of bone resorption: Dr. Fabrizio Colombo

Dr. Fabrizio Colombo

Bone and soft tissue management procedures prior to or during implant surgery can be technically challenging. Choosing the right treatment protocol and products are fundamental to success. The creos™ product portfolio helps clinicians make the right choices. During this session, Dr. Fabrizio Colombo will share his own clinical evidence on the use of creos™ products for both simple and complex cases as well as the most appropriate treatment modalities for ensuring the safe and predictable management of hard and soft tissue.

Learning outcomes

- How to prevent bone resorption
- Key points in immediate vs delayed single tooth treatment
- Better understanding of tissue atrophy
- Soft tissue management

Soft tissue substitute materials in implant therapy – indications and clinical strategies: Dr. Giacomo Fabbri

Dr. Giacomo Fabbri

Dr. Giacomo Fabbri, a leading expert in the field, shares his daily experiences with regenerative products from his practice and discusses their optimal use.

Learning outcomes

- Understand the value of regenerative procedures to support implant treatments
- Know the different treatment options
- Know how specialists treat their cases and the thought processes behind the treatment

Synthetic titanium reinforced PTFE membrane in 3D ridge augmentations: Dr. Liliana Silva

Dr. Liliana Silva

The use of non-resorbable membranes in guided bone regeneration (GBR) procedures is an effective technique in preparation for implant placement, especially in cases where major bone defects are presented. The Nobel Biocare creos™ portfolio now includes creos™ syntoprotect, a synthetic titanium reinforced PTFE membrane. Dr. Liliana Silva shares her clinical experience, tips and tricks, and clinically-based evidence using the syntoprotect membrane for different challenging indications.

Learning outcomes

- Know when to use titanium reinforced PTFE membranes for ridge augmentations
- Learn key points to remember in major ridge augmentation procedures
- Understand selection criteria for large bone graft procedures

Note some products shown may not be regulatory cleared/released for sale in all markets.

Dr. Giacomo Fabbri graduated with honors in dentistry and dental prosthodontics from the University of Pavia. He has published several articles in international peer-reviewed journals and lectured in Italy and internationally on topics related to fixed prosthodontics and implant prosthodontics with specific interest in esthetics, new materials and minimally invasive approach. Dr. Fabbri’s clinical practice is in Cattolica, Italy.

Dr. Fabrizio Colombo graduated with a degree in Oral Surgery from the University of Milan. He specializes in implantology and prosthodontics as well as in regenerative reconstruction. He is an active member of the IAO (Italian Academy of Osseointegration) and tutor of the “Education Group” project. Dr.Colombo’s private practice in Milan is dedicated to oral surgery, periodontology, implantology and implant prosthetics.

Dr. Liliana Silva graduated with a specialization in Oral Surgery from the Oporto University School of Dentistry in Portugal. She is dedicated to regenerative implant dentistry, and is President and Founding Member of ARTA, the Association of Ridge and Tissue Augmentation. Dr. Silva is in private practice in São João da Madeira, Portugal.

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