EAO 2023 Nobel Biocare's booth

Science and superstars of implantology at EAO Congress 2023: The highlights

The Congress of the European Association for Osseointegration is a calendar highlight for dentists who are – or aspire to become – implantologists driven by professional excellence, science, and clinical research. In support of EAO’s work, we were delighted to be a Diamond Sponsor of the event, contributing to the education, science and latest innovations to the dental community. Here are just a few highlights from the event.

EAO 2023 Industry forum

Industry Forum: Maximize Success with the All-on-4® treatment concept – Soon to be available online!

The Nobel Biocare Industry Forum was enjoyed by almost 400 delegates, with some superstars of implantology presenting the advantages and challenges of the All-on-4® treatment concept in modern practice.

Its inventor, Prof. Paulo Malo, presented the evolution, rationale and indications of the concept. Prof Dennis Rohner spoke on the planning and surgery in a range of simple to complex cases. Prof. Alessandro Pozzi explained how digital can meet biology at every step of this concept. Finally, Prof. Enrico Agliardi presented long-term outcomes and guidance on how to deal with implant failure and complications. Delegates can already view the recording online – otherwise, watch this space for public access on our official YouTube channel.

‘My First Implant’ Junior Committee Hands-on Session

Each year, the next generation of implantologists have the chance to try a range of dental implant solutions. In this session, Nobel Biocare hosted a hands-on opportunity to experience the N1™ Implant system, which provides a simplified surgical protocol compared to conventional techniques.

EAO 2023 Hands on session

Science on stage

Tomas Albrektsson

At the Nobel Biocare booth, we were delighted to be joined by Prof. Tomas Albrektsson as he presented the science behind two decades of anodized surfaces, and the latest developments with the TiUltra implant surface and Xeal abutment surface. Next on stage was Dr. Giacomo Fabbri, who presented new clinical study results on NobelActive TiUltra and On1 Base Xeal and the robust papilla regeneration and marginal bone gain achieved.

More clinical research was presented by Dr. Ana Ferro, showing the excellent results of Multi-unit Abutment Xeal and NobelParallel TiUltra  for the All-on-4® treatment concept at up to 3 years’ follow-up.  

Real science that matters: Five studies in the ePoster Zone

Continuing our dedication to science, five scientific posters observing Nobel Biocare products were published:

“Real-world study with 1000 patients treated with gradually anodized surface implants: Initial results” Miguel Roig Cayón et al.

“All-on-4 concept using TiUltra surface implants and Multi-unit Xeal abutments: Report on the outcomes between 6 to 36 months” Ana Ferro and Miguel De Araújo Nobre

“Clinical outcomes after guided bone regeneration with dehiscence during the healing period” Jonas Lorenz et al.

“Regeneration with a biomimetic synthetic bone: Retrospective study with up to 6 years of follow-up” Ignacio Ginebreda Cairó et al.

“Robust papilla regeneration and marginal bone gain: 2-year results from a prospective study” Giacomo Fabbri et al.

EAO 2023 Nobel Biocare's posters

EAO Congress 2024 will be held in Milan, Italy. More information is available at https://congress.eao.org/en/.

EAO 2023 Nobel Biocare booth
Ana Ferro
EAO 2023 Meet and greet
Speakers at EAO Nobel Biocare's booth
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