Tim's story

Tim’s dental implant story

From full dentures to full smiles

How Tim rediscovered his smile
(and his favorite foods)
with NobelProcera® Zirconia Implant Bridge


See how one man’s life and smile changed with the help of Nobel Biocare’s NobelProcera® Zirconia Implant Bridge, TiUltra™ implants, and Xeal™ Multi-unit Abutments.

“I can’t remember the last time I could smile broadly without having to worry about the gaps.”

Tim had long struggled with edentulism. He began to lose his rear teeth at a relatively young age. He lost his ability to chew more difficult foods and began to chew everything in the front of his mouth. Then throughout the years, his front teeth began to go. He tended not to smile because all of his molars were missing and his front teeth were stained, chipped and falling out.


All Tim wanted was to smile without embarrassment and enjoy his favorite foods. Unfortunately, chronic tooth loss made it increasingly difficult to chew anything other than soft foods. This meant seafood and barbecue were off the menu. Tim’s hesitancy to smile also negatively impacted his social life. 

Fortunately for Tim, his smile is about to get a first-class upgrade. Follow along as we take you through Tim’s smile journey.

Dentures, just like his mother and father had

Dentures, just like his mother and father

“It was likely a combination of genetics and poor oral hygiene,” Tim says as he recounts his struggles with edentulism. His history of tooth loss mirrored that of his parents, both of whom ended up wearing dentures. “Of course,” he says, “back in those days there weren’t dental implants, only dentures.” After Tim had lost all of his posterior teeth and the condition of his anterior teeth began to worsen, he decided that dentures were his next best option, like his mother and father had before him. 

While dentures did help Tim reclaim some semblance of a smile, he still remained hesitant due to the appearance of his dentures, the lack of ability to chew certain foods and the fear of the dentures falling out or being seen.

Tim became aware of dental implants over the years but remained apprehensive about the details of the process and the cost of the procedure.  Once he met Dr. Young Jun, his mindset changed. 

Tim meets Dr. Young Jun

Tim meets Dr. Young Jun

Dr. Young Jun of Placentia Oral Surgery in Placentia, California recalled one of the first meetings he had with Tim. "He was wearing dentures and they didn’t look good. The teeth were small, it was ill-fitting, loose and he didn’t like them at all. We knew we could do something better by providing him a fixed prosthesis, a better solution than removing the dentures at nighttime and having problems eating and chewing."

Some of the benefits that attracted Tim to dental implants were the improvements in comfort while eating and speaking. He was forced to avoid certain foods with his dentures. He also discovered how easy it is to maintain the prosthesis.

Putting the plan in motion

Move to plan

After several consultations, Tim and Dr. Jun decided the best option would be full-arch rehabilitation with dental implants. To ensure Tim’s smile lasts, Dr. Jun chose NobelActive® RP dental implants with TiUltra™ and Multi-unit Abutments with Xeal™ surfaces. 

Dr. Jun says, "TiUltra and Xeal are probably the best products out there. The difference is that the tissue healed much faster. He didn’t complain of any pain at all. Patient comfort was better, there was less swelling and I didn’t see any bruising whatsoever. I believe TiUltra was the best product for him. In a week, he was back to normal. I think it was a great choice for him."

For the prosthesis, Dr. Jun worked with Steven Lee of A&M Dental Laboratory in Santa Ana, California. Together, they chose the NobelProcera® Zirconia Implant Bridge as Tim’s final restoration.

A smile-worthy result

A smile-worthy result

Tim was thrilled with the results. “I keep feeling myself smile because I can't remember the last time I could smile broadly and not worry about the gaps and all that. You know, this whole process has let me enjoy foods again and I really enjoy food, I enjoy cooking.” Tim continues, “I can already tell I think I'm going to smile more, which means I'm probably going to talk more and be more relaxed around people, and you know, I think the social interactions are going to change.”

As dental professionals, we often consider the functional and biological aspects of treating edentulous patients. But, as Tim’s story shows us, our work goes beyond the biological and physiological; we help patients reclaim their sense of self and rediscover simple pleasures such as enjoying a meal and socializing. 

Next, Tim and his wife plan on taking an RV trip to Missouri to visit his wife’s family. He looks forward to greeting them with his new smile.

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