Since Paulo Malo treated the first patient with the fixed, full-arch All-on-4® treatment concept back in 1998, over 150,000 patients1 have been successfully treated.2 With the NobelPro Line product range, clinicians can take the All-on-4® treatment concept to new heights for even more patients.

Adapting to patients

NobelPro Line is a selection of existing products and training for advanced users of the All-on-4® treatment concept. The comprehensive assortment of clinically successful and proven treatment options includes NobelParallel CC, NobelSpeedy, NobelZygoma, NobelProcera bars and a full range of Multi-unit Abutments and accessories, allowing clinicians to master even the most challenging cases, including maxillary cases with moderate up to severe resorption.

The ability to achieve treatment success in such extreme cases depends not only on products, but on the level of professional knowledge. In addition to existing courses, tailored training in the NobelPro Line range is in development for advanced clinicians in order to enhance their skills in edentulous treatment, from common cases to the extreme. This will include a special program for clinicians who have recently started the All-on-4® treatment concept and are looking to expand their treatment offering into more challenging cases. New training opportunities will be announced in 2019. –

A knowledge-sharing platform

Professional development for highly advanced clinicians in fully edentulous treatment is intended to go far beyond conventional training. To further advance their expertise in NobelPro Line, the development of a community of highly proficient specialists is planned in order to provide new knowledge-sharing opportunities. A number of world-renowned experts will participate, including the inventor of All-on-4® treatment concept himself, Prof. Paulo Malo. More details will be announced in the coming months.

Prof. Paulo Malo said; “NobelPro Line is a group of products that allow more experienced professionals to treat more complex cases. For example, cases with soft bone, extremely soft bone, reduced bone height, reduced bone thickness and other situations that most implants do not allow. NobelPro line is the most comprehensive line in the market today.”

Details of the NobelPro Line product range and training opportunities can be found at


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