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All-on-4 treatment concept patient communication material

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Patient education is a decisive aspect of contemporary dental care. It has a direct impact on the choices patients make, and prepares them for procedures that can vastly improve their quality of life by educating them on the benefits and risks of available options.

The All-on-4® treatment concept has provided a pathway for dramatic growth for many practices, and practices that have a defined patient education approach have higher rates of treatment acceptance.

Below you will find various educational materials designed to help you explain the treatment to your patients.

Patient brochure

Patient brochure

Use this brochure to provide patients with an overview of the All-on-4® treatment concept. It includes:

  • Why patients shouldn't ignore missing or damaged teeth
  • Benefits and risks of the All-on-4® treatment concept
  • Example of the day of surgery
  • Patient testimonials

Online course

Online course chapter on patient communication

As part of our All-on-4® treatment concept online course, you will learn how to successfully implement the concept in your practice. 

During this chapter Dr. Jivraj shares his experiences and recommendations on patient communication, value propositions, case presentations and communication tools.

Show model

All-on-4® treatment concept show model with NobelSpeedy

Use a show model to demonstrate the All-on-4® treatment concept to your patients. This show model comes with NobelSpeedy implant dummies.

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Patient seminar handbook

Patient seminar handbook

Learn how to educate patients about the benefits and risks of dental implant treatment. The handbook is divided into three parts:

  • Part one explains why patient seminars are important and effective
  • Part two focuses on a seminar approach for edentulous patients
  • Part three provides practical advice on how to set up your own seminar

Patient flip chart

Patient flip book

This comprehensive flip chart helps explain to patients:

  • Why they shouldn't ignore missing or damaged teeth
  • Solutions for restoring missing teeth
  • Benefits and risks of dental implants
  • Treatment steps

You can order a copy from your local sales representative.


Direct to patient communication or clinician advertisement may be strictly prohibited in some markets. Please ensure appropriate legal review before initiating any activity. It is the clinician’s obligation to inform themselves about any potential legal restrictions and to adhere to the laws and regulations in their jurisdiction.