TempShell solution for provisional restorations

A collaborative workflow for an individualized screw-retained provisional on the day of the surgery

Benefits of TempShell

  • Increase treatment efficiency and patient acceptance using digital tools.1,2
  • Further improve collaboration between clinician and dental lab.
  • Provide fast time-to-teeth.

TempShell solution for provisional restorations – Nobel Biocare

CAD/CAM workflow

TempShell CAD/CAM workflow

1. First patient visit

  • Capture patient data digitally with (CB)CT, intraoral scan and clinical pictures.
  • Use NobelClinician software to create a prosthetic-driven implant treatment plan.
  • Build patient confidence with a visual
    treatment plan.

2. Production in-lab

  • Finalize the provisional design with DTX StudioTM design software*.
  • Export stl files and produce the provisional
  • Send TempShell to the clinician prior to surgery.

3. Day of surgery

  • Place Nobel Biocare implants designed for Immediate Function.
  • Convert the TempShell chairside into a passive fitting, screw-retained provisional.
  • Provide personalized provisional on the day of surgery.


Dr. Pariente

"This workflow allows us to be more efficient in all treatment stages, from diagnosis to final restoration. And we are confident that we provide the best possible outcomes for our patients.“

Dr. Léon Pariente from Paris, France



*DTX Studio is a digital platform for dental diagnostics and treatment consisting of modules connecting the patient's treatment workflow from beginning to end.


TempShell may not be regulatory cleared/released for sale in all markets. Please contact the local Nobel Biocare sales office for current product assortment and availability.