Temporary Snap Abutment

Simplify your temporization workflow

Temporary Snap Abutment – Nobel Biocare

What’s new? 

The new Temporary Snap Abutment replaces the existing Titanium Temporary Abutment for conical connection implants. The design has been upgraded to simplify the temporization workflow and save time for you and your patient.

Temporary Snap Abutment with snap-fit functionality

Snap-fit functionality with no need for screw fixation during try-in and adjustment of the provisional restoration.

Temporary Snap Abutment – Pre-shortened post

Pre-shortened post to accommodate for limited interocclusal space in posterior indications.

Temporary Snap Abutment – Additional 3mm margin height option

New 3mm margin height option to accommodate for different soft tissue thicknesses.

The Drill Guide snaps onto the Temporary Snap Abutment and the screw access hole is created using the corresponding Apical Drill.

Specially designed tooling to simplify creation of the occlusal screw channel and to avoid damage to the abutment.