EAO Congress

September 24-26, 2015

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

European Association for Osseointegration

Refinement in treatment protocols to improve patient benefits – Go original

This year’s forum will address the entire spectrum of treatment concepts from single posterior teeth to some of the most advanced reconstructions. Get acquainted with the latest technologies and protocols presented by renowned clinicians and researchers who will share their experiences during the two-hour session.

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Experience our latest innovation like never before – through the eyes of a clinician – using pioneering virtual reality technology. That's right, for the first time in the dental industry we used virtual reality to demonstrate a solution.

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Industry forum

Friday, September 25, 16:45-18:45

Refinement in treatment protocols to improve patient benefits – Go original

Moderator: Dr. Bertil Friberg

Topics and questions to be addressed by the experts include:

Go original – Enhance the long-term integrity of your implants

Speaker: Dr. Stefan Holst

The speaker will present how implants and restorations have been designed to work as a system to support the long-term success of implant treatment

Biological considerations for optimized clinical procedures

Speaker: Dr. Christer Dahlin

This lecture covers why, when and how to support outcomes using guided bone regeneration (GBR) procedures for optimizing soft tissue health and esthetics around implants. Furthermore, receive insights on the importance of material characteristics when aiming for an optimal soft tissue outcome with regenerative materials.     

Refinements in managing the terminal / failing dentition:  A continued evolution

Speaker: Dr. Wolfgang Bolz 

- This lecture will cover rehabilitation strategies for the edentulous and soon to be edentulous patients. Furthermore, an insight on new products used in improving quality of life – with regards to function, esthetics, speech, and self-esteem
- The All-on-4® treatment concept and beyond – it’s about more than four implants

Bringing together new product innovations in a cement-free posterior solution

Speakers: Dr. Eirik Salvesen and Mrs Åsa Sjöholm

Clinical outcomes depend on both the implant and the restoration. The new NobelActive WP and NobelParallel Conical Connection (CC) implants are designed for the clinical needs of the posterior. Get insights into an immediate implant placement procedure and the new  screw-retained translucent NobelProcera FCZ (full-contour zirconia) as the final crown.

Hands-on sessions

Looking to deepen your understanding of clinical protocols? Then nothing beats getting hands-on with the products alongside the world’s leading experts.

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Friday, September 25, 8:15-10:45 and 13:15-15:45

Temporary solutions – How to avoid pitfalls in the design for an optimal provisional restoration

Educator: Dr. Roland Glauser 

Learning objectives:

- Biologic and prosthetic rationales behind ideal implant positioning
- What to take into consideration to optimize provisional restorations and final outcomes
- Protocols and products for optimally and non-optimally positioned implants
- Understand the benefits when using the new screw-retained angulated screw channel (ASC) abutment 

Saturday, September 26, 8:15-10:45 and 13:15-15:45

Improving confidence in hard and soft tissue management. Experience the new NobelParallel Conical Connection (CC) implant in a compromised site.

Educator: Dr. Giorgio Tabanella

Learning objectives:
- Biological and clinical evaluations and protocols to optimize the esthetic results with implant therapy
- Manipulation of hard and soft tissues: practical tips and tricks
- Hands-on experience using creos xenoprotect and the benefits of the superior handling characteristics
- Gain practical experience through use of pig jaws