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Time to look at your restorations from a new angle

by: Michael Stuart

For many clinicians there might be a few cases that seem impossible. A new approach is now available that can change that. Clinicians can now offer screw-retained restorations from a more convenient angle with the new practical and esthetic NobelProcera ASC (angulated screw channel) Abutment and unique new Omnigrip tooling.

The NobelProcera ASC Abutment and Omnigrip tooling

Leading restorations now available for a leading implant connection

With the NobelProcera ASC Abutment the screw channel can be placed with an angle of up to 25 degrees off the axis of the implant, anywhere within a 360-degree range. In the anterior esthetic region this makes it possible to use screw-retained restorations where a buccal screw access point would previously have ruled them out. In the posterior it offers greater accessibility and retrievability.

When designing the ASC Abutment in the NobelProcera Software the screw access hole can instead be dynamically positioned on the lingual side of the restoration. The patient therefore benefits from an optimally esthetic result without any risk of the issues that can arise with excess cement. 

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Increased restorative flexibility with no cement: It’s as easy as A-S-C

  • Tilting the screw channel makes it easier for the clinician to place—and access—the restoration, even on molars or premolars
  • As a one-piece restoration it requires less labor from the dental lab resulting in quicker production and reduced costs
  • Provides improved esthetics and easier maintenance
  • Placing just a single piece makes for a more comfortable patient experience.
  • Helps to enable an optimal emergence profile for the ideal soft tissue result.
  • Available for zirconia abutments on narrow, regular and wide platform implants with Nobel Biocare’s internal conical connection.

Coming to grips with better handling: Introducing Omnigrip tooling

The benefits of the ASC abutment are only possible thanks to the introduction of the associated Omnigrip tooling. 

NobelParallel Conical Connection with the Omnigrip tooling

The unique tip of the Omnigrip screwdriver allows the screw to be tightened and loosened within the angulated channel with the same accessibility and torque as if the channel were straight. It allows easy handling from multiple angles, even in the posterior.

The pick-up feature of the special tip is an outstanding attribute. The Omnigrip screwdriver grips and holds the screw equally tightly at any angle within the available range. This capability offers convenience and, most importantly, safety.

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A new channel of opportunity

Together, the NobelProcera ASC Abutment and the Omnigrip tooling offer clinicians not just new treatment possibilities, but opportunities to increase the number of screw-retained restorations they place. Being just one piece, the abutment represents an option that is efficient to produce, but with unique features and benefits that increase patient acceptance and satisfaction.

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