NobelActive 3.0 – an implant for tight spaces

Narrow diameter dental implants—usually defined as anything under 3.5 mm—boast remarkable inherent promise. In theory, they make it possible to treat almost all cases involving narrow interdental spaces.

Narrow diameter implants—usually defined as anything under 3.5 mm—boast remarkable inherent promise. In theory, they make it possible to treat almost all cases involving narrow interdental spaces, especially in situations where there is a minimum amount of hard tissue.

NobelActive 3.0 – a narrow space dental implant

In practice, however, they have to be strong enough to survive demanding biomechanical loading and torsion — despite their small dimensions — if they are going to live up to that promise.

To provide a safe and predictable clinical solution to NobelActive users, Nobel Biocare developed, and extensively tested, a 3.0 mm NobelActive implant that meets design and material strength criteria of the highest standards.

Maximum bone preservation

The NobelActive 3.0 has been specifically designed for the replacement of single-unit maxillary lateral incisors as well as mandibular lateral and central incisors. These very visible single-tooth sites require highly esthetic restorative solutions that can be reliably delivered for the long-term. NobelActive 3.0 fits the bill.

Because there’s not much bone to work with in sites like the ones recommended for NobelActive 3.0, maximum bone preservation has been a key priority in engineering aspects of the new design. The apex of this narrow diameter implant is therefore equipped with integral drilling blades, which allow for a smaller initial osteotomy.

In addition to the drilling blades on the tip of the implant, reverse cutting flutes make it possible for clinicians who are experienced with NobelActive implants to adjust the implant position in order to optimize restorative orientation, which is particularly useful in the extraction sites common in single-tooth anterior restorations.

Dr. Scott MacLean of Halifax, Nova Scotia, finds NobelActive 3.0 to be the perfect complement to the earlier, larger diameter NobelActive implants that he has used for years:

“The NobelActive 3.0 is a great implant to use in tight, esthetically demanding areas of the arch. Like the others in the NobelActive family, it provides excellent results due to its principles of design. The platform shift with conical connection maintains a solid, tight connection that is easy to restore. The thread dimensions and design make it the perfect implant for placement in upper lateral and lower incisors, and it feels very familiar to place and restore.”

Image courtesy of Dr. Iñaki Gamborena

Image courtesy of Dr. Iñaki Gamborena

Built-in platform shifting

Respect for bone as a living tissue is key to all research and development at Nobel Biocare. The development of the NobelActive 3.0 is no exception to this rule. Thanks to its expanding tapered implant body, with double-helix thread design, NobelActive 3.0 compresses bone gradually, minimizing trauma and providing high initial stability even in compromised bone situations.

Built-in platform shifting is also part of the design. This feature provides a very palpable benefit to the patient. It makes it possible for the clinician to ensure maximum soft tissue volume for natural-looking esthetics. What’s more, an internal conical connection with hexagonal interlocking offers a tight seal and secure positioning of the abutment, a must-have characteristic for any first-class, bone-anchored, single-tooth restoration.

According to Dr. Philippe Russe of Reims, France, NobelActive 3.0 has become his implant of choice for excellent esthetics in challenging single-tooth anterior situations. Of NobelActive 3.0, he says,

“The extra bony volume around the implant supports longer papillaes, improving the esthetic outcome of usually difficult cases. With its well-known excellent initial stability, platform shifting and conical connection, NobelActive 3.0 has everything you need in a small diameter implant specially designed for narrow anterior spaces.”

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