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Free-hand surgery with a real-time 3D guidance of your drill.

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Like a GPS for your drill

Dynamic surgery offers the benefits of guided surgery without the need for surgical templates.

Same-day guided surgery

Plan your treatments in DTX Studio Implant and proceed to navigated implant surgery. With the X-Guide workflow there is no need for a surgical template.

Attract referrals

Show patients that you are leveraging the latest technology and achieve shorter-time-to-teeth.

Dynamically adapt your surgery

Always see your plan and optionally immediately adapt it during surgery.

DTX Studio suite empowers X-Guide

DTX Studio suite not only helps you acquire and consolidate diagnostic data in your practice, but also enables you to bring your implant treatments to a whole new level. It helps you reduce workflow steps and decide where to place your implant. Now you can plan your treatments in DTX Studio Implant and proceed to navigated implant surgery.

Supports your ergonomic position

Help release tension on the back by standing or sitting upright during dynamic navigation.

Designed to control your dental implant surgeries

Features a 360-degree single-view of drill position and anatomy during surgery

Clinically proven: significantly improved accuracy when compared to freehand implant placement1,2

3-4 times more accurate compared to other dynamic systems tested in models3

Allows direct visualization of the surgical site at all times even in patients with limited mouth opening2


Questions about X-Guide?

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