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Lifelong professional learning and growth starts with getting the training and skills you need in order to treat patients with excellence. We tailor our training offering to your experience level so you can either get started with the fundamentals or further develop your skills into the complex.

Get ready to learn alongside industry-leading experts from around the globe. Everything is covered from diagnosis and treatment planning over the surgical and prosthetic phases to the complex and progressive protocols and the management of eventual complications.

Foundational/fundamental treatment (level one)

Representation of level one course in dental education

This level contains courses that will allow you to perform surgical and prosthetic procedures in cases that are less complex and have predictable esthetic and functional outcomes.

Topics include:

  • Certification programs in implant dentistry
  • Diagnostics, treatment planning and patient communication
  • Conventional/two-stage surgical implant procedures
  • Restoring a single missing tooth
  • Overdenture treatment

Advanced treatment (level two)

Representation of level two course in dental education

Level two will bring your existing foundational experience in implant dentistry to the next step. After these courses you will be able to perform advanced surgical and prosthetic procedures.

Topics include:

  • Soft tissue management
  • Optimal provisionalization
  • Guided bone regeneration (GBR)
  • Immediate Function
  • Immediate placement
  • Graftless solutions
  • Guided surgery
  • Minimally invasive treatment solutions
  • Rehabilitation of the edentulous jaws including All-on-4® treatment concept

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Complex treatment (level three)

Representation of level 3 course in dental education

After attending a level three course, you will be able to treat challenging situations with advanced treatment planning and complex surgical and prosthetic procedures. These courses require significant experience in placing implants.

Topics include:

  • Rehabilitation concepts for the edentulous patient
  • Zygoma
  • Extensive and complex grafting

Practice management

Representation of practice management course in dental education

We are not only committed to helping you grow your skills, we also want to help you grow your business. These courses give you the possibility to further develop your team.

Topics include:

  • Patient communication
  • Case presentation
  • Marketing
  • Clinical photography
  • Research in the clinical practice