Dental practice management and training — all online

ePracticeManager is an online front-office management and training tool designed to improve day-to-day operations, gain efficiency improvements, increase number of Nobel Biocare implant cases that you close, and grow profits.

New patients

ePM offers interactive online training for PR and Marketing to increase recall systems for patients, as well as creative marketing solutions and training on how to correctly manage the referral database. These have step-by-step procedures laid out.

Interactive online training

Training for a variety of positions within the practice, including treatment and implant coordinator courses to help increase conversion ratios and improve case presentation skills.

Tracking practice performance

ePM even has a practice diagnostics section that records your most important key performance indicators (KPIs), and supplies quick and easy tools to handle
under-performing areas of the practice.

Personnel management

ePM provides a full HR and personnel tool box that covers hiring practices, maintaining personnel files, job performance reviews, requests for time off, and instant documentation of personnel and HR matters.

Complete webinar series

As a subscriber you will have ongoing access to the ePracticeManager webinar library to stay up to date with added tools and information on: 

– Stimulating new implant cases in your practice.
– How to bring in referrals from your existing patient base.
– How to “close” more cases and get them started right away.
– Dealing with those tough financial objections.


24/7 access to a team of experienced coaches to answer and help resolve any questions or issue related to your implant practice.

ePracticeManager On-demand Webinar

Through these tools, Nobel Biocare and ePracticeManager are committed to improving the effectiveness of your practice.